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Meet CloudFlare

When your site is protected by CloudFlare your web pages will be cached and optimized for speedy delivery so your visitors get some of the fastest page load times and best performance they've ever seen!

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How to check if you are infected with the Flashback Trojan

terminal iconIf you're on a Mac, make sure to run software update to avoid being infected by this trojan. It looks like the day has come, there are enough Macs out there to make it worth for malware coders to target OSX.

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iPad 3 concept

Apple sent out the invitations for the March 7 event where the new iPad 3 and hopefully a new Apple TV will be announced. We of course don't know for sure what these devices will look like, but as a teaser watch this futuristic iPad concept from aatma studio.

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DrawScribe Designer Sneak Peek

Specifically designed to help you to improve your creative workflow in Adobe Illustrator, DrawScribe takes the jobs you do day in and day out, and just like all the other plugins that have been brought to you by Astute Graphics, it makes them so much easier.

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OS X Mountain Lion Sneak Peek

Mountain Lion OS X 10.8 is coming this summer with relatively small improvements to Lion 10.7. that are mainly designed to make the iOS and OS X platforms more integrated. Here are main features of Mountain Lion:

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Apple Scotland - iPhone commercial for Siri

When Siri works it's great, but what if you have a Scottish accent?


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