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iRock: The Worlds first power generating iPad Rocking Chair

Hey pops, the times are a-changing. Gone are the days when you could impress the friends with your old oak rocking-chair. The iRock is an updated version of the traditional rocking chair. It's a self sufficient iPad dock and sound station, making that rocking motion worth while. The iRock is handcrafted out of Swedish pine wood and comes in 5 Different colors. Under Development. More here.

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Manga-Camera app

Manga-Camera is fun new app that allows you to create manga comics with your iPhone. See few pictures I snapped around the house for the effects you can create. You can share your photos on Facebook and Twitter or save them into your Photo library for later use. The app is free in the iTunes Store.

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Zoom in and out without pinching on Maps

We all use pinch to zoom in and out of maps, but there is another way to zoom. To zoom in you can double tap the area you're interested in and to zoom out you can tap once with two fingers.

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Delete instead of Archive in iOS

Here is a quick and simple trick to manage your e-mail better in iOS We all know that if we want to archive a message we can tap the box icon in the middle of the bottom row. But what if we want to delete a message instead of archiving it? Simple just tap and hold the same icon to bring up a menu which includes a red delete button as well.

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Jony Ive to take on software besides hardware at Apple

Apple's Press Release: CUPERTINO, California—October 29, 2012

Jony Ive will provide leadership and direction for Human Interface (HI) across the company in addition to his role as the leader of Industrial Design. His incredible design aesthetic has been the driving force behind the look and feel of Apple’s products for more than a decade.

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What to buy: Apple iPad mini or Google Nexus 7?

Apple sold 100,000,000 iPad in 30 month since the first iPad was launched in the spring of 2010. Since then they released 4 generations of iPads and now the iPad mini is also available. This is a great little device for those who need an ultra-portable device. See the pictures of iPad mini and a comparison chart the competing Android tablet the Nexus 7.

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Apple Special Event, Oct 23, 2012

Watch a live video stream of the special event online or via #Apple TV starting at 10 a.m. Pacific, 1 p.m. Eastern.

There are many speculations about what we can expect. A smaller iPad is a sure bet. Other ideas, like Apple TV, new iMacs, new iTunes features and content, iWatch, etc. are all on the table.

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How to get advertisers to stop tracking your iPhone

By default your activities on your iOS 6 device are tracked by Apple and advertisers in order to provide you with targeted advertising. The data gathered is not associated with your real person, but you may still decide to disable it. Follow these 4 screens and you switched it off for good.

First open Settings. Then select General / About / Advertising (scroll all the way down) and finally Switch ON the Limit Ad Tracking option.

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How to report a problem in Apple Maps

Apple Maps is fast and beautiful, but it is not as up-to-date with points of interests as Google Maps and sometimes contains incorrect information too. However Apple is committed to get the maps better fast as Tim Cook expressed in his open letter on the subject.


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