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Search Engine Advertising: Direct Response and Branding Metrics

Excerpted from Search Engine Advertising: Buying Your Way to the Top to Increase Sales, 2nd Edition (New Riders)
By Kevin Lee, Catherine Seda
Dateline: August 6, 2009

You can’t manage and optimize a campaign unless you measure the results. Over the years, the advertising community has split itself into two camps, each with their own set of metrics. Direct response marketers measure sales and leads that turn into sales (or those that don’t). Rarely will you hear die-hard direct marketers use the words branding or brand lift. Similarly, although “awareness” is something a direct marketing campaign generates, direct marketers don’t generally use the measure of awareness as a metric. The direct response marketer has a laser focus on measurable results and the media driving those results. Branders, on the other hand, have a whole set of metrics designed as proxies for success, which attempt to quantify the influence that marketing, PR, and advertising have on eventual purchase behavior. When conversions to leads, sales, or other positive behaviors can be tracked, direct marketers scoff at branding metrics, and branders fire back that direct marketers are too myopic, focusing only on obviously traceable behaviors.

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1598 pencils Keep it Local. Keep it Real.

Excerpted from Yes We Did! An inside look at how social media built the Obama brand (New Riders)
By Rahaf Harfoush
Dateline: July 31, 2009

Obama's official social network,, was at the heart of the campaign’s new media strategy. Affectionately referred to internally as MyBO, the site allowed users to create events, exchange information, raise funds, and connect with voters in their area. MyBO was the digital home base from which the campaign could mobilize its army of supporters. Creating an account required an email address and a password. Users didn’t even have to confirm their email address. This was done to make the sign-up process as fast and easy as possible.

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Creativity on a Budget

Freelance designers offer potential clients the very real bonus of great creative work at affordable prices. Not only are freelancers likely to charge less for their own time than a head honcho at a large firm, but they have lower overhead and less expenses to cover.

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The Wide Open Brief

Design Firm: Brown's Design
Client: Howard Smith Paper; a paper distributor based in Nottingham, UK.
Project: A British Graphic Design and Print Landscape 2006; a book launching the Howard Smith Paper Awards, 2006.


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