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Video: Content Marketing's Magic Bullet?

The growth of video consumption has been fueled not just by a barrier to entry for its creation that basically no longer exists, thanks to increasingly affordable content creation hardware and software, but to the ubiquity of video-friendly mobile devices. The result is that last year the use of online video usage rose 12% among business to business content marketers, according to a recent Content Marketing Institute (CMI) survey. Brainshark, which "enables companies to improve productivity with cloud-based business presentation solutions for sales, marketing and training," has collected such nuggets about the inexorable rise of video as the content marketer's best friend in the infographic below.

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i dont know... there are a lot of "studies" by supposed "experts" about "new" things that have been around for a long time. i think a lot of this is repackaging of existing, subjective or common sense information that already existed.

ive been making video for 20 years. putting it online since about 1998 and its been widely viable for about the last 5 years. the only real change is that cheap cameras now make it easier for dumb people to create shitty content.

i miss the days of requirements for either experiential or financial buy in. these days. anyone with a lot of "friends" is considered some kind of authority...

: (

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Sounds like you need more friends!

>these days. anyone with a lot of "friends" is considered some kind of authority...

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