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Vote for the sexiest Dashboard Widget

14% (49 votes)
13% (48 votes)
Flip a coin
3% (12 votes)
FTP Drop
8% (28 votes)
16% (57 votes)
Creatures in my head
2% (9 votes)
Black 'n' Blue
13% (46 votes)
1% (5 votes)
1% (4 votes)
7% (24 votes)
6% (20 votes)
2% (8 votes)
0% (0 votes)
1% (2 votes)
5% (18 votes)
2% (9 votes)
6% (23 votes)
Total votes: 362

Commenting on this Poll is closed.

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Click here to see screenshots and to download them.

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5 pencils

boo hoo, i wasn't even nominated. ;) Kidding of course. Shortstat is by far the sexiest in my opinion.

mck's picture
0 pencils

Some of those are pretty ugly, like the Wikipedia one. I dunno. I'm voting for Black and Blue :) Great widget

Apfhex's picture
324 pencils

Well, the Weather widget probably *is* the sexiest, but I think Black & Blue is a great piece of work (my vote). That GPeek widget has a sweet design, though I can't use it without GMail. ;)

And yeah, a few of those are kinda ugly, there's a bunch of beautiful widgets NOT included here!!! What about Typecast?

JimD's picture
2626 pencils

Obviously someone is clearing cookies and/or using multiple names to vote for the gMail widget. I find it very hard to believe that 11 "CREATIVE" people thought the gMail widget was sexy... it's just about the ugliest one of the bunch.

In fact, how did these even get listed???

How did ANY of those even get on the list? They're all useful, no doubt. But this was supposed to be the SEXIEST widget, not the most USEFUL widget.

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Ivan's picture

I nominated the gmail widget, because I find it really nice. I'm not surprised it's popular. I'm surprised at the popularity of the weather widget though.

phatcactus's picture
109 pencils

I find the Gmail widget quite "sexy" (what the designates a window as sexy, anyway?). I'm trying to figure out how the Weather widget got on the list, myself. And how it's winning.

r0sss's picture
35 pencils

it's very nicely designed. Not my #1 but it's still nice.

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