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SearchWiki: Google let's you digg search results


Google now allows logged in users to vote for, delete and add new search results for any keyword. What does this mean to you and web site search engine optimization (SEO)? First see the video below about SearchWiki and what it does.

First of all Google claims that whatever you do with the search results will only show for your user and won't affect other people's search results. This is probably true as Google will not want to encourage spammers and SEO professionals to abuse the system. However it is possible that on the long term all the votes especially the negative ones will indeed influence the formula to some extent.

There is however a way to generate traffic through this system without hoping for long term benefits. On the bottom of the search results page there is a link called See all notes for this SearchWiki. This shows the wisdom of the crowd. It's a page generated by the users of search wiki.

You can include your page for certain keywords on this page just by voting for your page on a google search or adding it by clicking Add a result also on the bottom of the search results page. If enough people check out this user generated page you will get traffic through this channel.

Check out the SearchWiki page for Apple Design for example. I added creativebits as a test. Pls check and report back if you can see it there.

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Forget this searchy Wikki crapola! These Googloids have warned me that they are in the process of deleting my blog!
You people just can't take any competition!

There may be a few of you who are fair minded, come over and comment, maybe it will disuade them from the vengeful course of action.
I am not Steve Ballmer pretending not to be me!

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But satisfaction brought it back.

And why are they deleting your blog? The reason I ask this is because I know a little of how the Googloids operate. ie a certain internet firm falling from 400 employees to 4 in a matter of weeks.

"Without deviation from the norm, progress is not possible."
— Frank Zappa

"Art -- the one achievement of Man which has made the long trip up from all fours seem well advised." - James Thurber

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Google has relented! Probablly had something to do with the hundreds of emails and comments they got warning them not to from my fans. If any of you were part of the protest I thank you.
I am not Steve Ballmer pretending not to be me!

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