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Tweetmeme the new digg?

Tweetmeme (Tmm) is a service built around the highly popular Twitter micro-blogging service. Tmm counts the number a certain web page has been tweeted about. If a certain page gets a lot of tweets it hits the Tmm front page, which will generate even more traffic.

Currently the Tmm home page only gets a few thousand visitors, so it's not even comparable to the traffic that digg can generate. However as twitter becomes more and more popular the content appearing on the Tmm homepage will become increasingly more relevant and interesting. The advantage of Tmm over digg, reddit or slashdot is that links do not have to be manually submitted and the number of votes are automatically given by twitter users regardless if there are aware of Tmm or not.

Tmm with 1M+ Twitter users vs Digg's 3M+ Tmm is already comparable and as Twitter grows it will become even more so. You can embed a Tmm button (just like a digg button) that automatically shows the number of tweets a certain page got and allows people to re-twitter it easily.

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You know of any information about what kind of traffic you get from getting on the tweetmeme front page?

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Depends on topic, but much less than digg. Around 10,000 visitors perhaps.

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