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Wine Labels - Troubles with Simplicity

The idea of these labels is to catch the buyer's eye by portraying the paintings used on them in a simplistic fashion. The vintage year will be shown on a sticker on the foil top, and the winery logo etched into the glass above the label, near the curve of the bottle I'm told. So, the only info they want on the actual label is the painting, the name of the wine, and the DOC or DOCG mark signifying the controlled origins of the wine.

The goal is classy, simplistic design, so luckily they've chosen a typeface with a lot of whitespace.

I've hit a bit of a wall with these things. But I'm starting to think I'm looking too far into it.

I've played with the font sizes and locations, and I've tried adding borders to the paintings extending up from the red bottoms, among some other things. I don't want to complicate how the painting is perceived by making it too busy.

That said, does anyone have any suggestions?
Keep in mind the typeface cannot be changed, and any text will be printed in gold foil.

Thanks for taking a look, and your comments.

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Sometimes I find, as a designer, that when we work on something so much and so often, that we need to step away from it for a while and go back to it. I know we are our worst critics at times. That being said, I think it's gorgeous!!! I love it. I don't think there's anything wrong with it at all. I love the typography that is being used, it seems appropriate.

I truly believe it's perfect as-is. Good job.

suzanne maestri-walters :: graphic designer

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Love em, that simple.

-i love the top one cause it's nice and linear, not too common for wine labels
-i love the bottom one cause of it's bright colors, i know it would catch my eye if i was walking down the isle headed to the beer section. hehe okok, i'm not headed to the beer, but more to the Crown Royal
-the middle one completes the trio real nicely..

well done. i love em all..

Architectural Technician - Multimedia Designer

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Don't try anything else, agree with onegirlcreative and archmedia. Great work.

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Does it matter that the labels are different sizes? Since the painting used for the "Bunello" is horizontal format while the two others are vertical, it seems like it would make sense to have all of the labels the same height but vary the length ... that way when all three bottles are lined up the labels all match. The red bands should all be the same and all the type align on the same grid.

Are the paintings by Sandro Chia? I've always liked his work.

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Thanks for all of the comments everyone, I've presented the labels to the winery and they loved them.

They prefer their Brunello di Montalcino label to stand out a bit, because it is their "extraordinary" wine. A wine not made of a blend, only one type of grape is used. It's the naked taste of one grape, thus that painting, and the simplicity of the one-grape wine is carried out to the bottle with a label that isn't eye-heavy. So the height difference didn't seem to make a difference. What's more, looking at their old wine labels these new designs are a big step in the direction of continuity.

Gary, yes they are Sandro Chia's work (good eye), and the winery is owned by he and his son in Montalcino, Italy. I've had the pleasure of working with Filippo (Sandro's son, business partner, and art dealer) on these labels and also redesigning their website, inspired by the philosophy of the wine (simple, and pure) and in time for their new winemaker to release his first vintage.

The winery is called Castello Romitorio, and the site, which is still WIP, is at

The wine is truly unforgettable, and I've been treated to many a-bottle during my stay here. We'll call it "getting inspired" for the website, hahah. It's research, dammit!

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Nice work on the labels. I love the website so far too. Beautiful colors, layout, photos. Though the font is a bit small for me to read. Great start.

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... and you, my friend, know how to pick good clients!

What you have here seems to be the perfect client. If only every designer could have that experience just once. Congratulations on your success with the label presentation.

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