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Youth Club Logo

This is a logo I designed for use at a Youth Club I volunteer at, aimed at ages 11-16. It is meant to be something a bit random and colorful. Ive not had any 'professional' opinions on this logo yet so would be good to get some. Also, my concern was maybe it was a bit to 'childish' for a 16 year old, but the design works well with the website and the feel of the club. I have been graphic designing for a while now, but still only being 18 and not having had any training in this area it would be good to hear opinions from people in this field of design! If you are wondering the purpose of the yellow 't', it is because the club is linked to a church - they loan the use of the building.


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Not trying to be discouraging or mean, so keep that in mind when you read below:

I see you're using every default font your computer has to offer, between your two posted items that is.

Many a good logo starts out with research, brainstorming and diligence on paper before heading to the computer. They are composed with end user and production techniques and applications in mind. Look around at the logos of other popular national youth groups like the YMCA and you'll see though they cater to younger individuals there's nothing extremely whacky about their marks and they can be used anywhere, shrunk to any size and are versatile. I also recommend researching the logos of multinational corporations and their markets and understanding how/ why they were made. These are some of the qualities of good logo design (many more left out). An interest in graphic design is thrilling but it is also important to have knowledge in colour theory and looking into production. If you have an interest in this for a career it will also help you get ahead in college/ university if you choose to pursue formal education by having a familiarity around terminology and process so that you can better focus on improving the design aspect of the process.

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considering that youre only 18 and have no training. these pieces are fantastic. better than several people here with years on you and some degree of formal education.

with the good comment out f the way. 1985 called, they want their logo back!

all kidding aside, just about everything i wore in the summer of 1985 had either splatter paint or checkerboards. but hey, maybe thats all coming around again ; )

from a technical standpoint. your weakest link is kerning (the space between individual letters). what you have above reads like H awkwe ll B ap tist

and that lone yellow dot is a bit too powerful, it almost wants to be read as a period.

but overall. great start for your ange and experience.

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Ok great, so kerning has been mentioned in both posts and I have no idea what that is, something to look into I suppose. Never noticed the yellow dot, that will definitely be coming out. I have no interest in a professional career, and I neither have the time or money to use professional software. At the moment this has been done using Serifs photo editor, hardly the professional kit you guys are used to - this probably means kerning probably doesn't exist as an option. With regards to the comment on fonts - none of these are standard fonts (except VAG Rounded on the other logo), or maybe I am out the loop on what constitutes a standard font.

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Yet you call yourself a freelancer, don't beat yourself up- you clearly have interest in it and there is absolutely no harm in you looking into the career and seeking feedback. You're making an effort and that's more that can be said about many. These are very positive things and things that you should continue to pursue if it is a genuine interest. All your work will improve if you work at it- that's what critique is for.

Kerning may or may not be an option in your program, if it is it will be called Kerning or Spacing and be found in something relating to typography options. If you are motivated to fix this and are unable to utilize such an option, pain in the arse it may be typing out each individual character to individually select and modify is a long winded solution as well. Kerning is the spacing between individual letters. The goal behind successful kerning is having your letter-forms and spacing in the entire word balanced so that the readability is even better. Minute adjustments such as these are what distinguish good from great and show that the extra time has been taken. Kerning isn't typically done in body copy but is performed on headlines, some subheads depending on their size (personally I think its 24pt and above loosely) and obviously logotypes despite what size they may be typically used at. The production goal of a logo is to be as ready for any usage as possible even though in the near-future that application hasn't been defined or thought of yet. If you want to go further and look kerning up online you'll find many resources to help you learn and familiarize yourself with it. You may also come across the term "tracking" which is the adjustment of a word's horizontal space it occupies (usually performed after kerning if desired).

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For the record, I didn't read your cross as a Christian symbol or even the letter T. Before reading your brief, I thought I was looking at a poster for something called the "YOU + H CLUB."

I hope you'll pay close attention to the advice given in the first two posts. They're excellent.


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Thanks for the comments, can't promise Ill be able to implement the changes suggested straight away as I'm studying Biochemistry full time, but Ill have a go at some point and post the updates. I don't necessarily agree with everything, after all designing things is partly subjective, but Ill take it all on board as professional advice! Thanks

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I've added a slight update - comments? I have no 'kerning' option, so each letter has been done individually, is the 'k' on hawkwell still slightly out?

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