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Amazing Brazilian art direction

Brazil without a doubt is the newest capital of advertising next to New York, London and Singapore.

Brazil has a rich and diverse culture. It has sky scrapers with advanced technology and ancient rain forests with undiscovered human tribes. Brazil has the richest and poorest folk in the world. Brazil produced not only the most beautiful people — half of the internationally known top models are Brazilian — but great artists too.

Brazil has become the perfect place to grow and nurture advertising art directors. Here is a collection of some of the recent best illustrative work done in advertising. Hope you like it!

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really amazing!

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I like it so much, it's more amazing.
Do you think Egyptian art direction will be amazing like that?

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I think there needs to be more freedom of expression in Egypt before it can happen. There are too many taboos and restrictions right now. But in the future anything can happen. I wrote this article about the Arabian peninsula, but it applies to Egypt in part as well:

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Thanks Ivan! Very nice collection.
Picture by picture transer us history, sentiments, reality. Originality.

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Great post Ivan.

Advertising Creative

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I'm on inspiration overload now... thanks!

PS - I love that first ad. Living in Hawaii, people often ask me "so where do you vacation??" Yes, the mountains are my preferred getaway from the beaches.

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Nice one! Never thought about that. :)

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This is amazing work, sir.

I think the illustrations are out of this world. Even some of those ad creatives are mind blowing.

Thanx for sharing this with us. Great.

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I'm really amazed, great creative work. I think thats the mecca of advertising.

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yes I agree with you, but I also think that cities like shanghai, hongkong are also soothing in advertising.

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