In came 2020 with a new year and a new decade. It has been a monumental decade already with a whole new evolution in design within the graphic design sphere. It almost feels like the marking of a new decade pushed started a new era in design trends and ideas as designers push to make themselves seen globally.

Let us look at six of the biggest and ground-breaking design trends shaping the way for 2020 and what we can expect in the future.



Technology is constantly and rapidly evolving. The next obvious step in the design world was to look at the use of realistic-looking animations and designs. 3D has become one of the most prominent elements of the decade and you can see why.

The ability for designers to create mascots and characters for companies to add a whole new level of storytelling for brands has changed things drastically. Designers often combine 3D designs with 2-dimension objects and photos to create eye-catching textures and depth on a page.

It is a way to take your product and transform it into something that feels realistic and stands out on the website.



For a couple of years now there has been a huge emphasis on making your website minimal. There was a time when websites were cluttered with images, multiple columns of text and bright distracting colours.

Over the years that trend of over the top web pages and by seeing how much you can fit onto a viewable web page has gladly gone, because a lot of design tools that let you create astonishing landing pages are appeared.  The use of just a couple of images and a simple background with some eye-catching copy has been the direction that many have now taken their websites in.

There are two main benefits from this right off the bat. The first being that it drastically increases loading times for the page but secondly it significantly increases your SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) on search engines such as Google.

It is no wonder that web developers and designers are increasingly making their websites to be minimal.



Like we mentioned in the minimalist landing page section, the use of subtle colours has gone hand in hand with this as we are seeing an increasing number of websites with extremely simplistic colour schemes.

The websites of the past were bubbling with bright colours, but this has changed and now the colours have been toned down with the addition of black and white to take the edge off. This makes text easier to read when laid over the top and it also allows the user to focus more clearly on set areas of the page without being distracted by bright colours.



This is by no means a new technique but is one that is being used to change it into the minimal looks that are trending. The masking process mixes the use of text and images, including illustrations, clipart images and infographics into one to create bold eye-catching catchphrases.

This is a powerful but subtle way of introducing an idea of colouring and images into an otherwise simple design and helps to portray the message the brand is trying to convey. Lots are left to the imagination and that is a good thing as it sparks an interest in the customer wanting to find out more.

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One of the most notable changes that have appeared as we have made our way into 2020 is the use of abstract illustrations, shapes, and flowing lines. The use of these along with the subtle colours and the minimalist landing pages has evolved the world of digital design.

The main reason behind the use of abstract illustrations is to spark imagination and create a dream-like effect in the otherwise minimal design world. The colouring centres around more earth tones, with the use of browns and oranges taking centre stage. The addition of muted greens and yellows helped to give the design a blast from the past.

It is important for the illustrations to tell a meaningful story about the brand or product and for it to be as detailed as possible.



Bold, dominant, and commanding lettering which appears to be handwritten is taking the centre stage when it comes to copy. The use of handwriting style copy gives the brand a personal and unscripted feel. Not only foes this given the brand a unique and unscripted feeling it is also very eye-catching, and also allows for some personality to be conveyed through the text.

The use of bold fonts in copy is most definitely in. The ability to make every single letter stand out is what makes bold such a popular choice for copy. You have not just got to rely on making them all bold. In some cases, some of the letters are reversed or made smaller or larger than others to give the text some life.

As we head on further into 2020, we are likely to see more new trends emerge. A lot of brands are opting for muted tones and colour palettes and it looks like the use of vibrant colours a thing of the past, at least for now. What could be next with the use of colour in design? Only time will tell.

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