Read on to find out more about the 10 websites that will make your job search a lot easier. Do you want to save time and find a new project to work on? We’ve got you covered! 

Managing your workload and deadlines day-to-day as a full-time graphic designer can be tough, and finding new freelance work surely isn’t on top of your priority list. It doesn’t matter if you feel comfortable with the amount of work coming your way now, you should always keep your eyes peeled for new freelance jobs or clients to secure a steady income in the long run. 

Let’s face it – you’ll have to make some effort to find freelance work. But it won’t be nearly as difficult as it seems with the help of these websites to get hired for your next graphic design project. 

Still, many designers find the task quite overwhelming, especially with so many platforms and websites available. A quick Google search will get you tons of freelance sites (some questionable quality), which can be very daunting. 

That’s why we have put together this list, which will take you through the top 10 best freelance websites for finding graphic design work. 

Some of these freelancing websites are mainly for graphic design jobs, while others offer more general job listings. Make sure to sign up for several of these websites and set up your portfolio for a better chance of finding your dream project. Additionally, take advantage of email finders, like Kendo, to find the email addresses of those who’re hiring a freelance designer. This’ll help you to establish a personal connection and be remembered by decision-makers.

Here’s the top 10 websites that will help you find a freelance graphic design job in no time 

Scroll down for an overview of these freelancing platforms – start an account with any of them and you’ll be one step closer to your next project.  

Dribbble (Pro Business)  

We’re kicking off this article with Dribbble Freelance Job Board for Dribbble Pro Business members.  

Dribbble is the number one destination to discover the best designers and creatives, used by many of the industry’s most sought-after talents. Companies looking to hire high-quality professionals naturally gravitate towards the Dribbble Freelance Job Board.  

Keep in mind that these jobs are only available to Dribble Pro Business members (the membership is definitely worth the money)! In addition to access to the Freelance Job Board, you’ll receive a daily newsletter with job listings, a “hire me” button on your profile, and a tag indicating you are a qualified freelance graphic designer. 


The standards of freelance work are constantly changing, and FlexJobs is great at keeping up with these changes. As one of the first freelancing websites focusing on remote and freelance graphic design work, FlexJobs is an awesome source of flexible job opportunities. 

Even though graphic design jobs aren’t their sole focus, their search and filter tools make it super easy to find exactly what you need. Plus, since it’s been so many years since they first went online, there are lots of opportunities for freelance designers of all levels of experience. 


Upwork is one of the biggest websites for finding freelance graphic design work online. Here freelancers can select from a huge variety of listings – from writing assignments to mobile app development, social media management, and everything in between.  

Be prepared to “rise through the ranks” on Upwork since clients mostly go by reviews and price point when making their final decision. For that reason, it’s a good starting point for new or rookie designers to begin with lower-paying jobs and build their reputation to set higher rates over time.  

Note that you might not be accepted to join Upwork due to its strict review process. If there’s a surplus of freelancers offering the same services, your application will either be put on hold or denied to avoid oversaturating the market. 

The advantage of becoming a member of the Upwork community is that you can easily find graphic design jobs. And since there are fewer freelancers on the platform, the competition is pretty tame compared to some other websites. 

AIGA Design Jobs

The American Institute of Graphic Arts is a professional organization for design. Many US-based designers have an AIGA membership due to numerous advantages and privileges it provides.  

Anyone can visit the association’s website and see the jobs posted there, but being an AIGA member means that your application is rated higher than the rest. Besides, companies browsing the site to find freelance designers are more likely to hire AIGA members. 

To sum up, you must be a member to take full advantage of this freelancing platform. To use AIGA, you must be either a US citizen or a permanent US resident. 

Working Not Working

Working Not Working’s mission is to help innovative companies find creative talent, so this platform offers some of the most exciting job opportunities.   

Make sure to put a lot of thought into your WNW profile and portfolio to catch the attention of the companies searching for graphic designers.  

Although the WNW website does feature other positions (including full-time, part-time, and remote roles), there are plenty of freelance graphic design jobs to choose from as well. Clients are very specific about what they expect, looking to hire digital designers, illustrators, motion designers, web developers, and others.  

Working Not Working started as an invitation-only platform, which is why it has evolved into a unique community of the finest designers in the industry. Sign up for free and don’t miss out on the chance to work for some of the biggest companies out there. 


Toptal is somewhat similar to Upwork, but it’s more exclusive. A Toptal member would be required to have worked on top-class projects for a good while.  

Applicants will be thoroughly assessed in the course of multiple interviews, skill tests, and even reference checks. You may apply as a junior designer but it’s most likely that your entry will be declined. 

Once you are accepted as a member it’s all well worth it! Toptal features some of the best job listings that come with a generous reward. Joining the Toptal community should be your first step if you plan to make a name for yourself in the freelance marketplace. 

Coroflot Freelance Design Hotline

Coroflot was created by designers for designers. Join this community to connect with other designers and find job opportunities from around the globe. 

To find a job on Coroflot, simply sign up and add your best work to your profile. New projects are listed in the Coroflot queue, which Pro members can access exclusively for three days to send in their application. Unless the task gets at least five responses, it will become available to all Coroflot members and job seekers. 

So, although you don’t really have to be a Pro member to use Coroflot, it could give you a considerable advantage.  

Make sure to be an active Coroflot user and maintain your profile to make the best of this platform.

Authentic Jobs

Authentic Jobs features positions for designers, developers, and creative professionals specifically.  

The Authentic Jobs website mostly offers senior-level design jobs in different fields, including web design, web and video graphics, UX/UI design, and app development. Apart from graphic design projects, the site has job opportunities for back- and front-end developers, UX/UI designers, and specialized developers. 

Check the freelance graphic design jobs currently available on this website by using their search filters or sign up for their newsletter to get notifications for new job postings. 

If You Could

If You Could is another freelancing platform designed just for creative pros. Sign up to start looking for jobs on this site and get custom email alerts for most relevant projects.  

Though most of the jobs are only available in the UK, sometimes there are job listings for other parts of the world as well. Moreover, all jobs listed on the site have been approved by It’s Nice That (affiliated with If You Could), which helps them reach a wider audience.   

Job listings featured on this site are legitimate and fairly compensated, providing great opportunities for designers of different levels. 

Freelancing Females 

The Freelancing Females website is a job search platform that helps women make the most of their professional skill and achieve financial independence, for the world of equal opportunities and diversity.  

Sounds impressive, doesn’t it? 

This site lists different types of freelance jobs for designers, but you can also find contract, remote, retainer, or even consulting freelance gigs simply by adjusting the filters. Freelancing Females has an active Facebook community of 52K members, giving them a great reach with hundreds of jobs posted weekly. 

All creatives on the platform go through a screening process, having their profiles reviewed to ensure authenticity. You can also learn more about freelance graphic design work here; they provide resources and tools to help you navigate through your career as a freelancer. 

Find freelance work with the help of these websites.

Though there are many job search websites for freelancers, some of them will be best-suited for your skills and expertise.   

As soon as you’ve found the freelance website that is just right, searching for new clients will be a walk in the park! 

Spend less time on finding new freelance gigs by using the site that works for you and linking clients to your profile. 



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