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Funny Exclusive Preview on iOS 5

Magician and performance artist Simon Pierro isn't really showing us iOS 5, but it's still fun to watch.

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Adobe Photoshop CS5 iPad Apps

Adobe released three cool new iPad apps that work together with Adobe Photoshop CS5.

Adobe Nav

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Photoshop for iPad

PS for iPad was revealed at Photoshop World 2011 Keynote. It's not something to replace your desktop solution, but certainly very interesting.

Watch the video here.

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iPad 2: Tablet is getting serious

Jobs Today announced the new iPad 2, which on the surface seems like a boring speed bump aside from the two cameras and 3 axis gyroscope. But I think the 2x faster CPU and the 9x faster graphics chips are a very important.

The extra processing power opens up the possibility for more serious, complex, full featured and resource hungry applications, such as the newly announced iMovie and Garageband for iPad. This new tablet is is not just a mobile and media device anymore. It may soon make make the laptop redundant for more and more people.

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Best examples of free iPhone advertapps

Here are some great examples of iPhone apps that are used for advertising various brands in an engaging way.

A Glass of Water

Toyota's A Glass of Water app to promote eco-driving from Saatchi Sweden. Download here

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iPad 2 will not have a Home button

If you want an iPad with the iconic Home button get a first generation now, because the soon to be announced iPad 2 will not have one. The Home button will be replaces by a multitouch gesture that is introduced in iOS 4.3. The pinch motion will take you back to the home screen and the swipe up and sideways will let you navigate through your apps. See the video below.

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Apple offers developer books free in iBooks



Want to learn OS X and iOS programming? Apple offers 5 developer books for free on iBooks. Search for Apple Developer Publications.

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Type accented characters on iPhone

iOS keyboardEver wanted to be sophisticated while typing your status updates on your iPhone and write café properly with an accent?

If you occasionally need special characters such as é,ü,í,ő,ú, etc. you can get them easily on iOS. Just tap and hold the relevant key until a pop-up menu appears. Then slide your finger to the correct letter and release.

Üdvözlet! (Best regards in Hungarian)

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Set-up your iOS devices for MobileMe: Find my iPhone

find my iphone

With the new iOS 4.2 update the Find my iPhone feature is available for all iPhones, iPad touches and iPads. It is very simple and fast to set-up and it may be save your iOS device one day. Here is the one step instruction on how to do it.

find my iphone

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iOS keyboard spacebar special features

iPad space

There are three things that the spacebar can do besides typing a space on an iPad and iPhone.

First, if you tap the space bar with multiple fingers it will immediately type as many spaces as the number of fingers you used. This can be very useful for those who like to type two spaces after a comma. It's a little hard to do more than two on an iPhone.

Second, you can double tap the spacebar to type a period and a space, essentially ending a sentence. Saves you one click.


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