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iPhone 5 rumors

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iPhone mini

iphone mini

This is all speculation at this point, so skip it if you're not into such things.

Appleinsider reports that it's highly likely that Apple will soon announce an iPhone mini or nano alongside the iPhone 5. Here are some key points the iPhone mini may have:

  • 50% smaller screen than iPhone 4
  • 50% lighter
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Type accented characters on iPhone

iOS keyboardEver wanted to be sophisticated while typing your status updates on your iPhone and write café properly with an accent?

If you occasionally need special characters such as é,ü,í,ő,ú, etc. you can get them easily on iOS. Just tap and hold the relevant key until a pop-up menu appears. Then slide your finger to the correct letter and release.

Üdvözlet! (Best regards in Hungarian)

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How to speed up your old iPhone

If you have a 3G iPhone and you installed the latest iOS4 you may experience sluggish performance, which can be quite annoying. Unfortunately the hardware of these phones can't handle well the features iOS4 provides, but there are a couple of tricks you can do to regain the quick response time you're used to.

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1598 pencils

Designing Great iPhone Apps: Josh Williams and Gowalla

Excerpted from Tapworthy: Designing Great iPhone Apps (O'Reilly Media)

By Josh Clark

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The iPhone photoshoot

Look at these amazing pictures shoot with an iPhone 3GS and edited with Photoshop afterwards. It proves that great picts depend on great lighting, not the camera.

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McCann ACD/Flash Enthusiast Sends Message to Steve Jobs

McCann creative Mat Bisher is conducting an "experiment" as he calls it that's a reaction to Apple's lack of Flash support and a message to Steve Jobs all in one. Here's Bisher's explanation:

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New iPhone App Helps Freelancers Make More Money on Projects

Fyrian LLC today announced the release of a new iPhone application that will allow freelancers and creative professionals to quickly generate project estimates while on the go. The application, aptly named "PocketProposal," helps anyone who bills by the hour, by the page, by marking up a wholesale price, or any combination of the three, eliminate the guess-work and stop losing money from spur-of-the-moment project estimates.

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Adobe's Flash to iPhone app converter to be shut down

Apple a little over a week ago Apple essentially banned iPhone apps from the app store that were created with the upcoming Adobe CS Flash to iPhone app converter. Details here.

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Opera Mini for iPhone quick review on Opera Mini for iPhone on Safari for iPhone

I was anxious to see how Opera Mini for iPhone will perform against Safari. So, when I read that Apple accepted it to the App Store I immediately downloaded it.

After playing with it for a while here is my opinion. Let's start with the positive aspects:


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