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iPhone commercials in different cultures


This is a post for the hard core Apple aficionados. Check out iPhone ads featuring the applications as the main selling point. The spots are made for different countries: USA, UK, Australia, France and Japan. Notice how the ads differ slightly in their choice of applications and in accent or language to match local culture.

In the USA the iPhone helps you calculate your share of the restaurant bill and tells you how many calories you ate — stuff Europeans would find rather useless. However in the UK, France and Australia the iPhone will help you keep your monthly budget to the last penny — something I suppose an American would find excessive. In Australia the iPhone helps you find the beach with the best break — a solution to a problem we'd all like to have. In Japan the iPhone teaches how to say the letter "R" and gives them Manga novels — things that won't turn the majority of Westerners on. But, it seems the problem of the wobbly book shelves is universal.

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iPhone 3.0 new features

iPhone copy and pasteThe new software upgrade (still in Beta) for iPhone brings several much anticipated functions. These finally bring the iPhone up to the level of any other smartphone in terms of features. With 3.0 we finally have a mature product. Let's in detail all the new features.

Cut, Copy and Paste

This top requested feature works across all applications and it's easy to use. Apple interface designers managed to come up with a good solution for the touch interface.

To cut or copy you have to double tap the text, then fine tune the selection by dragging the dots. Tap the cut or copy buttons to activate to move or copy the selected content to the clipboard. Now navigate to any other page and click paste. If you made a mistake pasting, just shake the device.

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Forwarding information from your iPhone

The iPhone is missing a much needed combo of features. Copy/Paste and sms forwarding. There is a straightforward but no so elegant solution.

You can take a screenshoot of your iPhone screen with any important information and email it to your contacts.

To take a screenshoot, press and hold the Home button and press the sleep button on the top. You will hear the familiar screenshoot sound and the screen will flash to give you visual and audio feedback on the screenshoot operation.

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Hidden features of the iPhone button

iPhone button

Every iPhone user knows tapping the button once returns you to the Home screen.

But, did you know that double tapping gives you the the Phone favorites, so you can instantly call someone instead of having to navigate to this feature?

When your iPhone is locked, the double tapping feature changes to display a simple iPod navigation.

You can change these default settings in Settings / General / Home Button.

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The iPhone apps every designer needs

big idea

The iPhone and iTouch are great companions for a designer when on the go. Besides the basic communication apps there are at least 10 applications you must carry with you to make the most out of your Apple pocket device.

The links below will take you directly to the iTunes Music Store where you can download the apps instantly.

Let's take a journey through a working week enhanced by your new iPhone apps.

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Finally an eBook reader that is good enough to put the real book down

I was hoping for an eBook reader that would gain enough acceptance worldwide, so that it can become the new standard for all book publishers. Kindle was a great start, but the device doesn't has enough copies sold to become mainstream.

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How to protect your battery

bad apple

We all love portable devices because they provide flexibility. Ironically most of the time they are being used as desktop devices and are plugged in all the time.

This is potentially a problem because batteries wear off much more faster if they are not being used enough.

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The new iPhone

Anything missing you've been hoping for?

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iPhone the label killer

iPhoneI'm sick of the music industry. The albums I purchased recently on CD had copy protection, which did not allow me to rip them to iTunes. iTMS is still not available in many countries because labels are reluctant to give a go ahead for Apple. There is no viable solution to purchase music that is playable on modern music listening devices such as my iPod, MP3 car stereo or even iTunes on my Macs.

Those of you who have iTunes Music Store available in your country consider yourself lucky. But even the iTMS is not perfect. You won't find many smaller bands on iTMS yet.

I was a big spender on music CDs before, but I stopped because of the copy protection. I'm frustrated and desperately looking for a solution and it looks like there is hope.


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