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Change screenshot format in Tiger

A collegue of mine running Mac OS X 10.4 wanted to change the default .png format of the screenshot back to the 10.3 default .pdf.

Although there is no control panel for this setting yet, but luckily it's very simple to achieve using the Terminal. Just open Applications/ Utilities/ and paste in the following command to the command line and press return:
defaults write type pdf

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A word about encoding music and iTunes...

This is going to be a fairly brief article about encoding music, sound quality and how to get the most useful results.

There are three 'main' formats for encoding music in popular use today.

1. MP3
2. AAC
3. WMA

MP3 is available in nearly every gadget that can play digitised music. There are _many_ ways of encoding to MP3. Results can be awful to fantastic both in file size and sound quality depending on what is used to do the encoding. iTunes has it's own built in MP3 encoder which is really bad. Do not use.

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Date and time in the menubar

date in menubarI frequently refer to the date and time in the menubar. I was looking for the option to put the date next to time, so that I can avoid clicking the date to bring up the drop-down menu which shows the date. There is no easy straightforward way, but I found a small trick that enables me to customize the field fully without much interference to the system. See the example of my menubar above.

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Change the display icons

There is a thing in Mac OS X that really annoys me.. If you have different resolutions and then there is a display icon that appears in the upper menu and it shows an old Cinema Display (the plastic version) and I think that screen is really ugly, and why hasn''t Apple changed it I thought? There are new screens and computers since 10.4 Tiger, but I guess the guys over at Cupertino is just lazy =)

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Passing the Acid Test

For those using Mac OSX and who have just updated to Mac OSX 10.4.3, Safari now passes the "Acid Test".

The Acid2 test was concieved by the Web Standards Project (WaSP) to promote World Wide Web Consortium Web-based content standards.

So what is the Acid Test? This is best explained from the pages of WaSP itself:

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Front Row and media center apps

Not long ago Apple launched Front Row, a program which is meant to be your default media viewer on your iMac G5. In this article I'll take you through Front Row and my opinions about it, since I've tested it and in the end we'll have a view on different projects that are free projects that you could use as alternatives to Front row..

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Inquisitor 2.0

Are you tired of the default Google search bar in Safari?

Inquisitor 2.0 is a great cure for the tiresome Google search. Inquisitor allows live search results from within Safari's search bar.

It's like spotlight for the web built in Safari.. Pretty neat tool!

To download it you have to donate what ever value you want to donate, but perhaps you find it worth it..

Download it here:

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Unix for the Beginning Mage

If you want to learn the OS X command line, but find the available books intimidating, bristle at the thought you should read anything for "dummies," or just worry that you may by eaten by a grue while plumbing the depths of /dev/random, Unix for the Beginning Mage may be just what you're looking for. The book, available as a free PDF download, takes a humorous approach to learning some basic features of the unix shell and environment.

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Keyboard shortcuts in OS X

Here is a list of all the shortcuts in Mac OS X.. Perhaps useful if you switched to the mac or forgotten certain shortcuts..

It's a pretty long list, but perhaps useful..


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Address Book Groups in Mail

If you are sending out a group email and want to use a group you have made in Address Book, you can just drag over the group icon from Address Book into the Mail address field. An even easier way is to just type the Group Name in the address field. Mail will recognise it as a collection of email addresses. For instance I use a smart group called Dublin to collect all contacts with an address in the city. Simply typing "Dublin" into the address field will address the mail to all the contacts within that group.
Tested under 10.4


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