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Mac OS X

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Customize your weekly view

If you only want to see 3 days in the weekly view, press Apple-Alt-3. In fact you can press any number from 1-7 to customize the layout. Notice that the days shown in the main view will be highlighted in the small monthly calendar in the bottom left corner.

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Save As window shortcuts

When you press Apple-S (Apple-Shift-S) in most applications the Save As dialog pops up. You can easily navigate here by using the following shortcuts:

Desktop folder: Apple-D
Home folder: Apple-Shift-H
Move one level up: Apple-Arrow up

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Color code your messages

If you want to color code your messages in the Mail app just press Apple-Shift-C to bring up the color palette. Select any color and you're done.

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Basic color management

Color management can be a very complex thing to understand and to implement. However, you don't necessarily need to dig deep into the subject to take advantage of this sophisticated technology right away.

First of all, do you need color management? If you're using a relatively small number of devices and they all work fine and you don't experience problems reproducing colors than the answer is no. However, if sometimes your scans on the monitor or prints on the paper don't match and you want total control over your colors in your system than read further.

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If you ever need to take a screenshot in OS X, use the following commands:

To save a .pdf on your desktop:
Apple-Shift-3: Full screen shot;
Apple-Shift-4: Select the area you want to capture;
Apple-Shift-4 than Space: Select the window on the screen for capture and click on it.

This .pdf file can be directly dragged into PS or ImageWell. That's how I capture and post the images here.

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Minimize your sidebar

In Panther Apple introduced the Finder sidebar, which takes up a lot of screen space, which is especially annoying on the iBooks.

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Did you know that any file or folder name starting with a dot will be invisible by default? It's an easy way to quickly hide a file from a less experienced user. However you can change these settings to make them indeed visible with InVisibles.

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File security

Several people asked me about FileVault, which was a new feature in Panther OS X 10.3.

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Leave your Mac on overnight

OS X has a built in function to run so called cron scripts that fix your file system and hard disk in general. It's scheduled to run automatically during the night if the computer is idle. Some essential operations run every night, others only once every week or every month. So if you want your Mac to be healthy the most important thing you can do is to leave it running overnight, especially if you have worked on it all day and moved around big files.


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