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Untrash files in OS X 10.6

Did you know you can move the file back from trash to the folder it was originally trashed from?

The simplest way to do this is to select the file in the trash and use the same shortcut used to trash files Apple-Backspace (Cmd-Backspace). Alternatively you can Ctrl-Click the file and select the put back command from the contextual menu.

This can be particularly useful if you deleted multiple files from many folders and you need to move them all back at once.

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Fix corrupted iTunes files

In some rare cases your music or video downloads get corrupted while downloading. iTunes in these cases suggests you should go the iTunes Store and re-download the file, but the problem is your iTunes will try to continue downloading the file from the point where the problem occurred instead of re-downloading the complete file.

To force iTunes to re-download the file from the beginning you need to trash the partial file from the following directory:
youruser/Music/iTunes/iTunes Music/Downloads

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Filtering your Spotlight search with keywords

There are situations when you have too many results in your Spotlight search. You can filter them to exactly what you need by using one of these search expressions:

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Tagging files for Spotlight

Spotlight is great if you have a unique word to search for. But if you happen to search for a common word you will likely find hundreds of hits which makes searching less effective.

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Steal video from any website in OS X

If you want to record any video content played in your browser you can use Snow Leopard's QuickTime X screen recording feature. If you want to avoid the need for cropping the video, put the video on full screen before starting the recording.

If you also want sound with your video you need reroute the speakers to the microphone with a software like Soundflower and select this new input source within Quicktime X as an input source for sound.

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Resize columns in Finder

Finder iconThe fastest way to browse your directories in OS X is clearly the column view that you access by pressing Apple-3.

However in this view long file names are usually partially hidden, which can be a problem. Worry not, there is an easy way to resize the width of these columns. Just drag the separator line at the little handle at the bottom. This operation will only change one column at a time.

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12 Mac OS X browsers

Safari and Firefox is the most known browsers for Mac, but there are many more out there. Give them a try and feel free to add more if I missed something?


Comes with OS X. Currently at version 4 it's one of the fastest browsers out there, which can tackle almost anything you throw at it. It syncs with your iPhone unlike other browsers.

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Quick Mac troubleshooting list

sad apple logoWhen something goes wrong with your OS X operating system or your Applications you can try several things before getting upset about it:

  1. Quit all unused apps - If you have a memory issue this will solve it.
  2. Restart - Most of the times this is a quick solution.
  3. Repair permissions - Open Applications/Utilities/Disk Utility, select your HD and Verify then Repair your Permissions.
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OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard problem: Opening multiple files

You must have noticed an annoying little bug in Snow Leopard. When you try to open multiple files it only opens one at a time. Unfortunately I couldn't find a perfect solution, but there is an intermediate workaround until Apple fixes it.


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