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Mac OS X

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Google Chrome for Mac OS X pre-release

This is a stable and official version from Google, far from complete, but still worth downloading to experience Chrome on OSX. It's lightweight and fast. The interface is clean and easy to use. Looks great within OS X.

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Apple Remote puts your Mac to sleep

Isn't it annoying that you have to get out of bed to put your Mac to sleep after watching a long movie?

Well, if you have the remote at hand you can simply press and hold the play button to put your Mac to sleep.

Unfortunately you can't wake your Mac the same way.

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Quick calculations with Spotlight

calculationDid you know that you can do quick math calculations with Spotlight?

Forget the, just type the numbers into the Spotlight search input box and get instant results.

It's even faster that typing calculations into Google.

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Snow Leopard does the right thing

Snow Leopard

If you had to decide between 5 new features in Snow Leopard (OS X 10.6) or let's say a 20% speed increase in all of your application compared to Leopard (OS X 10.5), which one would you choose?

Depends of course what those 5 new features would be, but reasonably I can't imagine any feature that would improve my productivity as much as a 20% overall speed increase. I would take the speed boost any time. And, I think Apple is counting on people like me with Snow Leopard.

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Finder trackpad zooming

finder zoomIn Finder you can zoom in and out with your trackpad using the pinching gesture.

This feature in Finder only works with the icon and coverflow views. It's very useful when applied to the Desktop, for example if you need to quickly make space for more icons or you want to see the icons of some documents in larger size.

To switch on this feature go to Finder / Preferences / Advanced and switch on Zoom using trackpad.

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Change your screenshot file format easily via System Preference Pane

I recently wrote about a nifty little application/contextual menu item for OSX that makes attaching files to a new email easy as pie. Ego-systems also offers a System Preference Pane which takes an often asked-for hack, changing the screenshot file format, and puts it right where it should have been to begin with.

Screenshot Preference Pane

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Screenshoot blurry in OS X?

Have you noticed that screenshoots you make with the key command Apple-Shift-3 or Apple-Shift-4 are somewhat blurry and not pixel perfect? That is because by default the screen-shoot format is a made as a jpeg set to resolution 60. That's pretty low and therefore it produces small file sizes which is good for most uses, but not if you want to see every pixel in detail.

terminal window

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Making Stickies stay above all windows


Since before OS X we've been using Stickies to hold small pieces of important information that we need at hand.

There is a really powerful small feature of the in OS X that let's any sticky note float over all other windows making it visible at all times. To make a sticky float above all windows select it and press: Apple-Alt-F (Command-Option-F)


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