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Login background revisited

Default Desktop

I've discussed how to change the desktop for the login screen earlier — almost 3 years ago :O, but now with OS X 10.5 things have changed slightly.

Default Desktop

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Retrieving lost passwords on your Mac


You probably know that there is an application called Keychain Access on your Mac OSX system. But did you know that you can reveal all the passwords stored in it? Keychain Access stores all kinds of passwords, such as Wi-Fi networks, ftp access, websites, mail, etc.

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Strategy for versioning jobs

I personally like to open a new folder for each project and within that another folder for every version of the project. This way I can easily follow the progression, do not overwrite old files accidentally and can dump old versions easily once the project is complete.

duplicate folder

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5 reasons why Preston Gralla beats boredom

It's rare that I would argue against someone's opinion. After all everybody is entitled to their own. But when somebody is so uninformed as Preston Gralla, he deserves to be confronted. Read his infamous blog post about Five reasons why Vista beats Mac OSX. Now, if this post would've appeared on I would not bother to comment and categorize him as a deluded but entertaining person, but he is a contributing editor for Computerworld, and the author of more than 35 books, yadda yadda. So, his opinion sort of counts, right?

Before reading the article, I was hoping to find out about some cool hidden features of Vista that I haven't heard of before. They probably exist, but the author didn't bother to look them up. He brought up some really tired arguments that were maybe somewhat true in the distant past (in technology and internet time), but certainly don't stand true today.

Now, let's look at his 5 points!

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Force Safari to use one window only

SafariI had posted this tip over at The Graphic Mac last week and it was quite popular, so I thought I would share this Safari tip with the readers of CB as well.

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Leopard 10.5.2 update not compatible with Linotype FontExplorer X

If anyone depends on Linotype FontExplorer X I would suggest you wait with updating to MacOS X 10.5.2. The dock hangs as soon as you try to open a stack while Linotype FontExplorer X is running. Quitting FontExplorer fixes the problem.

Suitcase is apparently immune to whatever is causing the problem.

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Safari width=100%


I love Safari. It's fast, clean and pretty. The only thing that's bothered me right from the beginning is Safari's inability to fill the whole screen when clicking on the Zoom button. I understand how the Zoom works, and quite like the idea, except that, well, sometimes I like filling my screen with my application window; without losing the Dock - ie. MegaZoom.

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Iris Mac OS X photo editing application

Iris iconI checked out the free beta of Iris, which promises to be the future of image editing on the Mac platform. According to the site:

Designed from the ground up specifically for Mac users, Iris provides a powerful, intuitive, and easy-to-use solution for all your photo editing needs.

Programmed to perform with a unique and elegant one-window interface, Iris renders confusing multiple palettes obsolete.

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MacHeist II Bunle goes on sale

A while back I told you about the MacHeist II promotion, a follow-up to last year's wildly successful Mac software promo. This year's sequal, 4 fun-filled missions resulting in free applications has just come to a close and the final bundle is on sale now.


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