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Default Folder X productivity enhancing OS X application


Default Folder X is a very important little add-on application that will save a lot of time and effort in your daily work. Let me give you a quick review of the main features.

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How to create customized OSX Mail stationery in Leopard

If you enjoy Leopard’s new Mail Stationery for sending beautiful HTML email, but wished you could personalize it more, read on for some very good news!

Apple has made Mail’s new Stationery feature quite easy to edit to your heart’s content, as long as you have an image editor that can save .jpg and .png files, and an HTML editor such as Dreamweaver (or just Text Edit if you’re a die-hard HTML coder).

Customized Mail stationery in OSX Leopard

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IMAP on Gmail is rolling out

imap on gmail

So far you had two option to access your Gmail account. The obvious webmail through a browser and if you wanted to use the's features and speed you could download your Gmail through POP. Now, you have a third option — IMAP.

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Finder Icon Temporary Snap to Grid

You can arrange to a grid all your document icons in a Finder window by selecting the menu View / Arrange by.

But, what if you want the snap to grid option to be applied to a few items only. Simply press the Apple (Command) key while dragging the icons in position. The icon will snap to place with a smooth transition. You can even do this to several icons at once.

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Implement Stack in Tiger (Mac OSx)

implement stack in Tiger
I don't know whether someone has this idea before or not. But this is what I found. My desktop was such a mess before this. After seeing the Stack feature sported with Leopard, I was like gosh Leopard has addressed my problem but I don't have Leopard on my machine and I won't even after October. That's the problem.

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Toggle between Finder Toolbar Views

By clicking the oval button in the top right corner of a Finder window in OS X you can change between two main views. If you press and hold the Apple (Cmd) button when clicking you can toggle between 2 additional views and font sizes. Good way to clean up the interface a little and customize it to your liking.

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Save on typing with TextExpander

TextExpander animationIf you have to type the same pieces of text over and over every day, it is worth taking a look at an application that accelerates your typing by expanding short abbreviations to full text. Dreamweaver can do it on code and Textmate is a text-editor that have such functionality. But, if you want a system wide solution that is extremely easy to set-up try out TextExpander.

It's a system preference and it is really easy to setup. You just need to create pairs of abbreviations and full text entries. Once TextExpander is enabled every time you type the abbreviation it automatically expands it to full text.

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Add an extra screen with ScreenRecycler

I prefer working on my fast intel iBook, but I miss the screen real-estate of my old G5 iMac. Luckily there is a really simple solution to get the best of both worlds.

With ScreenRecycler you can easily add a second unused screen to your primary machine without complicated cabling or additional hardware.

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Change default application associated with an extension

I wanted to change the default application that opens certain types of files in OS X. For example I wanted to open images in Photoshop every time rather than Preview as most of the time I need to edit them, rather than just view them.

The guys at macminute cafe helped me out with an extremely simple solution I had no idea about.

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Remove Dashboard icon from Dock

I don't know about you, but I have a pretty crowded dock. So, I tend to get rid of any icons that are not necessary.

To launch Dashbaord I alway use the F12 button and never use the dock icon. Luckily it is extremely easy to get rid of the Dashboard icon from the Dock. Just CTRL-click it and chose the Remove from Dock menupoint. You can put it back at any time by simply dragging the Dashboard icon from the Applications folder to the Dock.


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