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Change your brush dynamically

I've seen many advanced artists with big experience to open the drop down menu of the brush to change the size and softness of it when using the Brush, Clone stamp or Eraser tools. It's precise, but very time consuming and clumsy. There is a key shortcut which can help you almost simulate the dynamism of a tablet but using the regular mouse and keyboard.

To decrease or increase the brush size press "[" or "]". To change the softness of the brush press Shift+"[" or Shift+"]".

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Fix your horizons

It's a common task to rotate images that are tilted and the horizon is on an angle. Most of the time you can't guess for sure how much you have to rotate the image to get it fixed. With this little trick you can precisely rotate your image to make the horizon perfectly horizontal.

Select the measure tool (or just press "I"). Drag the ruler over the horizon.


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