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Quickly change the background color

I'm talking about the area around your images in Photoshop.

Sometimes you may want to check your image against different colors, especially black. You can quickly toggle between grey, black and a custom color by simply CTRL-Clicking the grey area. Alternatively you can of course right click if you have a mouse with at least two buttons.

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Five minute Warhol painting

If you want create a quick Andy Warhol style pop art painting out of your favorite photo follow these 8 quick steps.

1. Crop your image to square.

2. Apply an Auto Contrast.

3. Increase the saturation.

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Scan line effect in Photoshop

Scan lines — see example above — is a quick effect that will make your most boring images look trendy and cool. It is a pixel perfect effect, so it is mainly recommended for screen use.

Basically, what you do is create a mesh of horizontal lines on a layer above your image that hides every second row of pixels. Here is the step by step tutorial and some extra ideas.

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Adobe CS3 videos

CS3 videos

Jim from Creative Guy pointed out the great site from Adobe presenting a free Video workshop about Adobe CS3. Have fun learning!

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Adobe CS3 tour

Adobe CS3

Looks sweet. I live the non-destructing editing using the new smart filters in Photoshop. Can't beat a live blur. Also, live color looks interesting in Illustrator. What do you think?

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Magic hat light effect in Photoshop

Here is a great tutorial for all the Harry Potter fans out there from abduzeedo.

First of all here is the end result of this tutorial:

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Apple's Adobe CS3 page

Apple's CS3 page

The release of CS3 must be near as even Apple posted a CS3 page.

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Amazon leaks Adobe CS3 pricing, availability dates, code split

AppleInsider reports, one of the largest online retailers has let slip the entire launch strategy for Adobe's Creative Suite 3 and its various individual apps -- and revealed that PowerPC-based Macs may soon become second-class citizens in the program designer's eyes.

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Crop and resize in one go

crop and resize

If you have to create a series of cropped and consistently sized images you can save time by using the crop tool's measurements option to save many steps in your production process.

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Zoom in and out with your scroll wheel in Photoshop

zoom iconMost people use the Apple (Cmd) key with "+" and "-" to zoom in and out within a Photoshop document.

If you don't want to let go of your mouse, alternatively you can simply press the Alt (Option) key and scroll up and down with the scroll wheel on your mouse.

To make sure that you get even zoom ratios, such as 25%, 50%, 100%, 200%, etc you should keep the Shift pressed as well.


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