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The Simplicity of Brands

We've been hearing a lot lately about the relative value of global brands, with Apple easily taking the top spot in recent rankings. But when looked at from the perspective of simplicity, apparently Apple comes up short, beaten out by Amazon and even, gasp, Dunkin' Donuts. This conclusion is from Siegel+Gale's third annual Global Brand Simplicity Index (PDF), which claims to "demonstrate consumers’ demand for simpler communications and experiences across industries and around the globe."

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Looks interesting - thanks.

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i like that this backs up some of our stances on simpler, less busy, less "web2.0" looking logos...

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Whenever I get a client who wants something crazy for a logo, the first thing I say is look at all the large corporations - try to find one that's doing something trendy or complicated.

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im curious art. of these 10, which do you consider to be the best MARK. and why?

not the most successful or valuable. but the best pure "mark"

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You mean personal preferences aside - which logo best represents the corporation in question?


If I had to pick one based on the art and nothing else - just my personal aesthetic...

Dunkin' Donuts.

I've always liked that one. Of course - as always - that's jmho. :)

BTW - two of the hardest jobs I ever had... McDonald's - freakin' slave drivers - and the Publix warehouse. I once spent a South Florida summer unloading rail cars for Publix. Know how many 100lbs sacks of potatoes it takes to fill a train? I do. That's why I'm a graphic designer. :)

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I've seen* Publix but what never Zappos. It confuses me that the list doesn't contain 10 of the worlds most successful simple logos.

@WGZN If you care about me I'm going for Starbucks and Subway as far as design in mind is concerned.

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of course! you just hadnt entered the room yet...

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