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Move/Duplicate/Delete pages

This is not a trick, but a function, which is overlooked by some Freehand users. It's common to use the Window/Inspector/Documents palette for such operations, but there is a much better way to do it.

Select the page tool (the third arrow) in the toolbar (or just press D) and select a page. With this tool you can move around the pages by clicking and dragging them. If you press Alt you will make a copy of the page. Press Backspace and it will delete the page. It basically treats pages like regular objects.

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Hi, Ivan. This is cool info. I'm actually stretching a bit, but wondering if you might have ideas on this issue.

Working on a macintosh using InDesign (what else?!), and by and large aim to create one long document file, unless so glutted with art we break them up. In order to export the files from InDesign for creating ebooks, let's say, or other web uses, you need to export the files broken down to separate chapters. Using the drag and drop method of selected chapter pages in thumbnail from one document to another, saving files, and then repeating for each chapter is tedious, time-consuming. Any idea of how to automate exporting page sections (chapter page ranges) from one ID document to another InDesign document?

Thanks so much, Lucy

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