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French Aids posters

Nice is not the word. :)

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a bit disturbing... lol

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Don't quite know what to think right now. So don't do it with a big spider or a scorpion and you're safe?

Ron Gallagher
Citrus Studios

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or get a 'bug'....

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Maybe the spider is good at it. :)

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it appears that the spider is... lol

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Oh my goodness... these are great!

Must.... have....

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Very disturbing...

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I think in this case disturbing is good. There was another similar ad few years ago. I'll have to look it up and post it here.

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Although I come from a very conservative community, I have to say they are a stroke of genius.. The back stabbing scorpion is a very smart statement..

My wife thought they were very disturbing..

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They make an awesome and powerful point, defiantly catches your attention. -

Graphic, Web and Logo Designer from Pittsburgh, PA

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... gets the point across!


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bonne idée, très parlant sans être gore

peace and safe sex, listen new herbaliser (generals)


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WOW!! Look at that! 1000 reads for this thread! So this is a successful subject. :D

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Pretty sad IMHO.

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If I use a condom to do it with a scorpion it's ok, them? :D

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hello? 3 yrs old?

man, the anons bumping 2-3 year old threads for inane comments is tiring.

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As a person who has survived with HIV for 20 years, i am always glad to have awareness campaigns helping to remind people to practise safer sex. But these advertisements bother me.

I won't say that i'm "offended", because i'm not offended that easily, and because i know the ads serve a good purpose. But... i personally do not appreciate being likened to some kind of deadly spider or scorpion. I've spent more than half my life fighting the pointless stigma which our society dishes out to people with AIDS. I'm sick and tired of being compared to some kind of bugs, diseased germ-infested vermin, or otherwise belittled and denigrated.

For fuck's sake, do we go around telling people with polio or malaria that they are disgusting infectious bugs? Do we tell people with influenza or conjunctivitis that they are ugly hideous scary monsters?

I think the ad campaign should have come up with some better ideas.

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You're so right, this is so offending. It's just wrong.

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But having sex with you, if you have the disease, could very well be deadly. You are, in fact, diseased, by definition. I don't see a scorpion or a spider as being dirty, I see them as being potentially lethal creatures...and they would be at that scale. Spiders and scorpions are not necessarily associated with germs, either. It doesn't belittle spiders or just sums up the deadly potential of the encounter.

The comparison of AIDS and conjunctivitis or influenza is a bad analogy. I don't have sex with people that have the flu OR conjunctivitis, but if I did, odds are I won't die from it and will most likely recover. Can you recover from AIDS yet? Unfortunately, no. Yes, yes, I understand that influenza has killed many more victims than AIDS, so far, but let's remember the amount of time that influenza has been around, and look at the rate of total recovery. And yes, if a deadly flu is going around, you should avoid being around such people if you value your health. Just as you should avoid casual sexual encounters. It's not YOU that's the's what you are carrying.

Here's the facts, whether distasteful or not: Most people who do not have AIDS view having sex with a person WITH AIDS as being a pretty horrifying idea and would avoid it. Right? Be honest, if you could remove the encounter you had in which you contracted AIDS, you would have. That encounter may have been sexual, drug related, or medical. Whatever the cause, if I took you aside, had proof, and said "Hey, you're going to get AIDS from this", you would have wiped your brow as only someone who has avoided a horrible event could and went in the opposite direction.

Obviously, the people in the photos do not view their mates as being disgusting at all. That's the point...the horrific consequences aren't that obvious.

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Agree. These ads are offensive and I've always considered myself a pretty liberal-minded person.

I think that the agency could have taken the higher road with this one.

"Art -- the one achievement of Man which has made the long trip up from all fours seem well advised." - James Thurber

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That scorpion will rock you like a hurricane

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Wow powerful visual statement!

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So spiders like oral and scorpions are strictly missionary.

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i get what theyre trying to do. but from my experience, there is likely a significant number of people who would find the images more stimulating than fear inducing.

i call this one a miss.

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