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InDesign CS3 Features

CS3[URL=]Digital Media Designer[/url] have just published an article covering some of the new features we can expect from InDesign CS3 when it arrives in Spring 2007. As well as confirming Adobe have an early copy running on an Intel Mac, they cover some of the new capabilities.

[color=#CC6600][B]Individual Element Transparency[/B][/COLOR]
You will be able to adjust the transparency of certain elements such as strokes and fills individually rather than just the whole object as in CS2.

[color=#CC6600][B]Live Effects[/b][/COLOR]
InDesign can now apply effects to objects using a similar scheme to layer styles in Photoshop.

[color=#CC6600][b]New Fitting Options[/b][/COLOR]
You now have the capability to assign a fitting option to boxes before import so pictures can be resized far quicker than the current manual process. This can be saved as a layer style as well.

[color=#CC6600][b]Multiple Import[/b][/COLOR]
You can import multiple instances of text and images at the same time and determine what is inserted where by cycling through them with the arrow keys.

You can see more of the article with screenshots [url=]here.[/url]

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Thanks for the summary. So when you say they have a running copy on an intel mac does it mean it's native? That would be the major selling point for me to get CS3.

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Adobe has said that CS3 will be native on Intel-Macs

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I agree with Ivan. CS3 simply has got to run natively on Intel Macs.

Adobe would be plain stupid to release it without that capability. I know quite a few people who are holding off on getting newer Macs as well because CS2 doesn't run natively on them.

As for the features, sounds very interesting indeed. Just hope those transparency features make it to the RIP with all their glory intact. I still don't think you can beat doing your graphics work in a graphics app and your layout in a layout app – I guess I'm just a little 'old school' when it comes to that. I have spent far too long sitting at RIPs translating Postscript errors. Good fun all round as always! ;)

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The newly added features will undoubtedly work perfectly if printing directly from InDesign or ID-created PDF file... PROVIDED of course that your RIP is up-to-date. This probably won't be an issue for a commercial print shop, because they generally stay on top of technology. But for smaller newspapers, printers and publications, we'll undoubtedly be faced with the all-too-common ignorant response from them of "your file is screwed up."


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...and I agree completely but then sometimes files really really ARE just plain screwed up. Best practice wins everytime :) If I had £1 for every file I have sorted out in the past I'd be a very rich man indeed.

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