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29 ways to stay creative

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30. -Work for Microsoft!
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Good list - even though I think this list could go on to be something infinite.

What does he mean with create a framework though?

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Nice. I think I'm going to have my socks embroidered with these; one for each day of the month.

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If you read the list once and again, you realize all this is not simple or easy to achieve. Great!

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.... unless you have a PC.
I am not Steve Ballmer pretending not to be me!

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Forgot 'get exercise' (actually that's 8. drink coffee)

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Such a true list. Number 2 and 6 I agree with the most. Always have a notebook or sketchbook with you. You never know when an idea or "vision" will come to you and if you don't write it down or draw it out, it may not come back to you. Also, everyone needs a break and a little rest time for their mind inorder to get that creativeness working again. Turn away from the computer or sketchbook every so often and take a breather, then come back.

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Very interesting post. But I guess the whole point is these 29 ways would constantly change, otherwise it defeats the whole purpose.

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