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66 truly great minimalist ads

I love minimalist ads. They feel like they were created without much effort. They are usually quick and easy to get. They minimize visual clutter. The signature of a minimal advertisement is the use of few elements, single color and handful of words to deliver a simple yet witty idea.

Lego. Imagine...

It´s faster than you think: the PSR 14,4 LI-2 cordless screwdriver.

Food, it's no use hiding.

Your free time goes by fast. Make good use of it.

One foot can change someone's life. Remember Cinderella?

Yes, running is good for the heart.

Exactly when can you help us? Ready, set, go!

We accept donations of 10, 15 or 20 kilometers

Embrace this cause. It's Ok if you're sweaty.

Help this campaign and prove that your heart is not as hard as your calves.

It's the hat.

No hair is better.

Your foot / The ball your kid was playing with / Bottom of the stairs

Your finger / Big hairy spider / Switchboard

Your toe / Painfully hard table leg / Light switch

Add some Wifi to your morning.
Free wireless internet hotspot.

Alka-Seltzer Digests what you can't.

MacVal Contemporary Art Museum Restaurant

BWM. Use original parts. BMW. The ultimate driving machine.

Remote car starters

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Thanks Ivan, these ads are great. I love minimalistic ads but unfortunately, many of my clients do not. Many people mistake it with easy and cheap =(

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Thanks, the slim jeans takes-all:) I hope sooner or later we will have this type of ad

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That campaign from India won Cannes Lions Gold 2 years ago.

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FANTASTIC! I loved the sketches from the shoe ads!

Leaky Penny
Check out what I've been up to lately!

I'm going to print it out and eat it.

-Unknown Artist

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Digging the Jeep ads.

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I like minimalism specially in WebDesign but i don't really get "Meaning" of many of those Designs

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Ivan, check out this 2006 Cannes winner:

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Oh, I should add that one!

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Hi Ivan,

You might just like this list.


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Nice collection. Thank you!

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Adidas is very good. I like it :)

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haha Romeo and Julliet, 'Communication is very important".

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I like none of this stuff! When I pay for an ad, I pay for an ad! Not a few lines scribbles on a mostly empty canvas!
I am not Steve Ballmer pretending not to be me!'s picture
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That's how a lot of clients respond I think. It's not anything cheap though, you don't just fluke such a great minimalistic ad, there's a lot of brainstorming and sketching behind.

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Minimalistic ads actually take a lot of thought, especially really good ones like these. It's not like people just throw crap up there, they are smart well thought out ads that can get a message across using simplicity instead of completely spelling it out.

Great post - I think my favorites are the "free time" ad and the cordless screwdriver ad. Good stuff.

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I enjoy the Jeep ads and Ikea ads. Very nice.

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