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A tribute to logos

Some great logos are not in use anymore. Logo R.I.P. is project that pays tribute to discontinued logos.

In Today's ruthless business environment, corporations face uncertain futures. The forces of globalisation are creating unprecedented change. Yet apart from the displacement, downsizing and elimination of the workforce, the other casualitites are the visual manifestations of the company: its logo, or trademark.

'Logo R.I.P.' is a commemoration of logos withdrawn from the ocular landscape. Many are considered icons of their time or international design classics, whilst others cost millions only to be replaced within a year or two. These logos disappeared, yet in contrast to the ceremony and pomp that greeted their arrival, they often suffered an ignoble death. Now deemed defunct, they are consigned to the logo graveyard, no longer allowed to signify.

I can see many logos being phased out in the near future. For example the HP logo, which really doesn't represent the innovative and cool company it stands for. What logos do you think should be or would be binned soon?

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My tips are:
# Apple computer
# Shell
# Cisco
# Nike (just kidding ;])

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Apple? Are you crazy?

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