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The Bittersweet Backstory of Life of Pi

It would seem that sometimes even when you win, you lose. If Ang Lee's Life of Pi cleaned up at the box office and then swept the Oscars, this was in no small part due to the movie's masterful mix of live action and digital effects. These were created by veteran effects firm Rhythm & Hues which, despite its evident expertise, last week filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy and fired 250 employees.

A worrying situation and yet when VFX supervisor Bill Westenhofer tried to mention the plight of the studio during the Oscars ceremony he was abruptly cut off. Since he was about to finger the studios for their increasing use of overseas effects firms, silencing him before an audience of a billion was perhaps not an accident. The Computer Graphics World site provides a detailed explanation of the digital wizardry behind the making of the film.

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absolutely disgusting.

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It's like Lion KIng for silly people.

yes I'm brazilian xD

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the fact: CG can create historical frauds... we can send tigers to moon and people will believe

yes I'm brazilian xD

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Think I'll wait til it's on cable.

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There's nothing like the small screen to maximize the 3D experience, I hear.

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I went to a screening for a Disney animated feature film just a couple of years ago, and listened while one of the producers congratulated the crowd ( employees and guests) on the film coming in $1mil under budget. It took everything I had not to shout "Hire more people next time!"
Outsourcing, union busting and Canadian film subsidies have put thousands of animation and film industry workers ( Americans) out of work in the last ten years. These were well-paying, health insurance-wielding jobs that supported both families and the economy. Too bad producers are so out of touch that they would brag about cost-savings to a bunch of people who had just been made redundant, never to return to their careers. Too bad that bringing these practices to light on Hollywood's biggest night is seen as "sour grapes", and silenced. Maybe the guys at R&H could make a scathing short film on the subject. I know plenty of animators/skilled VFX people who have nothing better to do at the moment than volunteer their time.

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