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Return of the 3D Printed Skull

Sculptor Joshua Harker hit a home run with his first Kickstarter project, Crania Anatomica Filigre: Me to You, which he claims is now the site's most-funded sculpture project. The filigreed, 3D printed skull was admittedly not without its charms. Now he's following that up with a more ambitious project, Anatomica di Revolutis, which Harker tells us means "anatomy of the revolution." In this work a newly-designed skull takes center stage, surrounded by phoenix wings and a dangling "crooked cairn." Nifty enough but what makes the project even more interesting is that these three components are available separately via a range of Kickstarter pledges, as well as related items, such as a skull chain, origami and papercraft skull puzzles, t-shirts and even an iPhone case. With a modest goal of $500, Harker seems to have done it again by amassing almost $30,000 in pledges to date.

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Interesting - thanks. I've been watching this 3D technology the past year or so. No doubt this is going to be very huge very soon. Keep an eye on DDD if you're an investor.

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It's getting more and more interesting, the technology isn't at all consumer ready but for businesses and medical it's a great idea. I've read scientific articles that they're trying to discover bio-safe materials to create replacement parts for the body (cartilage, bone, etc) exciting!

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Are these purchase-able?

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They were, as part of a Kickstarter project. Check out the artist's site, no doubt they'll be available for sale from there at some point.

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