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Here is the issue. By default emails sent from Max OS X's show incoming image and pdf attachments inline. This means attachments show up within the email, rather than as small icons. Also, emails received in Outlook will show up in the same way. In general this is a good behavior as it saves a double click to open the files. But in certain cases it can get really annoying.

For example if the jpegs you sent are bigger than the screen resolution, your client will only be able to see a portion of the inline images and will have to scroll around. Also, these inline images can not be saved to the hard disk.

To fix the saving issue on the recipient's side you can send Windows friendly attachments. They will still be displayed inline but the client will be able to right click and save them.

To enable Windows friendly attachments follow these simple steps:
1. Create a new message.
2. Don't drag the jpeg into the mail window. Click the paper-clip icon to attach a message.
3. Click the Send windows friendly attachments option.

If you want to have the option to send Windows friendly attachments to be the default setting you should enter this command in Terminal and restart
defaults write SendWindowsFriendlyAttachments Yes

If you want to send email with attachments showing up as icons rather than inline there is a fourth step you should take:

4. Press Apple-Shift-T or select the Format / Make Plain Text menupoint.

To show icons within you can either CTRL-Click the inline image and select view as icon, although there is not much use to this as you would have to do this one by one for every attached image.

As a permanent solution you can use the Mail Attachments Iconizer shareware application.

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I have clients that reply that they are missing attachments, when in their reply, they send my attachments back to me! It's Frustrating.

In this case, making the message plain text usually fixes this problem for them.

I've also realized that when sending PDFs, if it's a 1-page PDF, Mail will display the page. If it's a multi-page PDF, Mail will display the PDF as an icon.

Terrell Thornhill

e-zign Design Group

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I have the same problem as thornysarus part of the time. I always thought it was an AOL-thing. I'm always blaming AOL. ;-D

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I'm embarrassed to admit, but I honestly thought "windows friendly attachments" meant for Microsoft Windows. Duhhhh....because I was using it a lot thinking it was for people who had PCs and maybe it viewed it better??? I know, stupid. LOL

"I am not sick. I am broken. But I am happy as long as I can paint." ~ Frida Kahlo

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"Windows friendly" does indeed mean "MS Windows friendly". (As you can see when you switch to any other language than English.)

And to use 'Windows friendly" by default you don't need Terminal. It is part of the Edit menu, under Attachments...

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I love dragging things onto the dock icon to attach them to a new email. It is so handy and convenient that it's become quite the habit. But recently my boss has started complaining that he can tell when I do that because he doesn't have certain options for attachments I send that way. We both use so I don't understand what the deal is. I can't figure out how to solve this but hopefully this fix will help. Thanks!

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Just use the terminal command to reset the default for windows friendly.

I love to drag the files to the icon too. It's so fast.

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off hand? I hate having to do it the long way. . . dragging it to the window is so much faster. . .

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I'm not sure.

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Didn't know that, thanks..

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Is there an alternative to mail attachments Iconizer?... cos it's not working. Attachments still show up full size rather than icons.

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Click on the Iconizer link at the bottom of Ivan's posting. It takes literally seconds to install and works immediately! I needed to send a resume, cover letter and references via email and I didn't want the cover letter and references to show inline. This really saved me - thanks!

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Just to keep the issue updated for those who want to change already received mails attachments into icons and do not screw them up with commercial app: the inline view of attachments in can be switched off by the following command, pasted into Terminal:

defaults write DisableInlineAttachmentViewing -bool yes

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