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The new iTunes 11 looks great

The new iTunes 11 is out Today. It has integrated iCloud, new edge-to-edge design, better views and much better minimized player. If the design of iTunes 11 is any indication of the new OSX look coming out of Sir Sir Jony Ive I have high hopes for for 10.9.

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Quite the opposite I feel. It needs a lot of extra tuning to do something for me.

*Simple layout of the music player and store pages at the top
*iTunes store looks nice and the slider/ flip feature is neat
*Nice new "Up next" music player feature (or easier accessed? Unsure if 10 had this).

*Broken typography when first opened
*Poor web 2.0 bubble styling (i.e account in store, library)
*Collapsed and hidden default windows upon installation (user should be given the option to hide these rather than have to figure out how to unhide what they're used to seeing)
*Choppy graphics that feel unfinished
*Store feature slider can be choppy and won't let you quick cycle on a non-touch device. You must let a small delay pass before you click the next/ previous or risk clicking the featured item.

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I noticed the broken CSS too at first, but it was refreshed or fixed within 2 hours.

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Which music software do you recommend, ZM?

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There's nothing wrong with iTunes 10 at all. I love it. I just think version 11's release was hasty. They delayed 11 anyways, they could have polished it just a bit further than pushing it out :)

All cons mentioned can be fixed and were non-existent in 10. I still use the default music player on my Apple devices as well (iPod/ iPad and iPhone). The design is usually good, that's why this was disappointing.

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The fact that someone felt it requires a tutorial seems to go against the Apple philosophy

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