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Zoom in on your screen

If you didn't know about this trick than take a seat.

Press Apple-Alt-8 (Command-Option-8) to switch on zoom. Now press Apple-Alt-"+" (Command-Option-Plus sign). Hold it to zoom in more. The minus sign will zoom back. Now try to move around your mouse. Experience how a 30" Apple Cinema Display feels like. :) For more options open System Preferences/Universal Access/Seeing.

BTW. if you're sick of my color scheme and you'd rather read this or other dark background web pages in negative just press Apple-Alt-Ctrl-8 (Command-Option-CTRL-8).

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Awesome tip. Find more like these

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With Panther 10.3.5 using your shortcuts doesn't work...
I have to use command option + to zoom in
or command+option - to zoom out

the see the screen in negative its cool!!

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In addition, if you have a scroll wheel on your mouse and don't mind running an older version of Microsoft Intellimouse, you can configure things so that a scroll wheel click+roll one direction will zoom you in, and the other direction will zoom you out. Works great! The only problem is you have to find a download for Intellimouse 3.x, because in the latest version (5.x) MS apparently removed this capability.

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Damn, you should have told me this trick with the inverted screen yesterday...

Yesterday I tried to clean my keyboard and I tilted it upside down to get rid of
the tobacco between my keys and suddenly my screen went black+white !

I must have pressed said keys accidentally and it took me quite a while to
"repair" it... ( after some restarts I just tilted the keyboard once more and all of a
sudden it went back to normal) ;-)

I was really shocked for a while ...puh...

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That zoom feature is pretty neat. I have a friend with poor eyesight who's itching to get a Mac even more now.

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Very nice. I saw someone do that at a meeting, and didn't get around to drill him how! Now I know.

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does any of you know the terminal command line to switch the screen to negative???

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