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Dear Readers, from now on we will point the Forum menupoint on Creativebits to, which has recently been upgraded and specializes in Graphic Design Discussions and point Critique to the Brands of the World Logo Critique section, which is a premier place on the web to get a critique on your logo. I intend to focus on making the features on both GraphicDesignForum and Brands of the World Critique as good as possible. I understand this change may not be ideal for some of you, but I'm hoping you will try those new sites for your forum and critique needs.

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Good time for Art D to retire... never liked that handle anyway. Ivan... Thanks for the board, my friend! Had some enjoyable times here, learned some things, tried to share some knowledge - had a little fun in the process. I never really got into the BoW site, but the other one looks like it has some promise - maybe I'll sign up under a different handle and drop in and surprise you guys some time. Until then - best wishes all.

PS: Almost forgot - drop a line at indyhb @ to chat. :)

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Thanks so much! :)

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And...*POUF*...all gone. Sad, but it was terrific while it lasted. Thank you so much, Ivan. I wish you well in this expanded venture.


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Thanks Mara!

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Thanks for the community you ran Ivan, sad to see everything split but it is what it is. I wish you luck!

If anyone wants to stay in contact im "contact" :) (no spaces, for some reason the chat here wasn't posting correctly as one piece)

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With the rederection are logins and passwords preserved?

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No, sorry.

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That's a damn shame. I understand the reasoning behind it though... I feel kinda sad too. This little community seem exclusive - a climate which I feel the BOTW critique lacks. I'm going to miss you guys. Anyway - to get the right balance of staying in contact/never speaking again, i've setup an FB group - CB Critique exiles...

Feel free to join, add me on Facebook or Google me - Jon Askill.

Thanks all, it's been great and speak soon! Jon ;)

>> Cookie cut the chaos >>

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That's cool. Thanks.

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just joined

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i just liked the community here. not without its conflicts. but mostly free of the random nitwit, trollogy of other forums. seemed like there was some degree of buy-in here...

will see as many of you who choose to on the FB page...

anyone who wants to find me. see my website:

: (

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hmm.... I will miss this community too. I have had great honest constructive feedback on critiques, which I have learned a lot from. :(


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Bummer dudes!

Cheers Ivan for creating this cool bubble, ....and to all that gave me feedback on my work, THANKS VERY MUCH!! You all helped me gain confidence and I appreciate the effort and time you all put into your thoughts and ideas.
Hopefully soon I'll be able to tell people I am a Graphic Designer when they ask me what I do :]

No amount of technology can save a bad idea.

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I had great time here where I made basically friends and developed my poor english skills too. xD
I'll not write all I would like because I'll probably be censored LOL. Social networks are funny place and better if we have freedom to say (and create) what we think (and design) about anything. If this is not possible it's better to end or get away like a dissent. Certainly we will join other common places to freely discuss about design, I had a pleasure to meet all people here to chat and learn a lot of things at same time. I'm happy to make people learn a bit more about logos, I'm happy to help Ivan to create Stock Logos logo (I suggest that "g" LOL) and a lot of things everybody discussed here helped logos to see the real word light. I'm at > q w e r t y a l e @ h o t m a i l . c o m < If anybody create a blog about logos, I'll be there to contribute as possible. See ya!

yes I'm brazilian xD

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I'ld like to read the last words of Mr. Steve Ballmer too Are you there? xD

yes I'm brazilian xD

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Ha! I was looking for Mr. Steve Ballmer too. Let's hope he adds his last two cents.

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I'll miss Quertyale, though I never understood what he said, I knew it was pure poetry. Pure fuck'n POETRY!

Without my sense of direction, I don't know where I'd be.

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The end of a great era. Good luck in all your future endeavours.

Leaky Penny
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