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Well Apple have released their ‘PhotoShop beater’ and it looks like it’s going to do the same to the Photographers market as FinalCut did to the editing industry.

Aperture might be a little overpriced for my liking but the features are amazingly powerful. Not aiming at the design market at all instead this product is headed straight for the desk of any self respecting professional photographer with a screen big enough to accommodate all of the features.

New Power Mac G5
And if your worried that your old system isn’t powerful enough to run this software why not get yourself a new Quad G5 Power Mac. I reckon that should do the trick ;)

4x2.5Ghz chips, standard 256Mb graphics card. We're talking about up to a 69% improvemnt over the old dual 2.7Ghz machines in normal apps like PhotoShop and AfterEffects. Wow!

Or if you need to use it on the move, check out the new PowerBooks that look to me like a temporary update to get rid of the stockpile of G4 chips before they release the new Intel models in a few months. But those new screens are impressive! 15in now has 1440x960 and the 17in has 1680x1050 and some other minor improvements to shift those old parts ;)


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Aperture is not a photoshop killer, for the moment. You even see Photoshop in some of the demos. It is rather positionned against Bridge/ACR or C1, Breezebrowser and the likes.

Still, a lot of the features looks like they are must haves!

pierre-etienne courtejoie

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Yeah, the App costs $500. Read the system requirements! It mutiplies the price... :(

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I was hoping for something that was competitively priced with stuff like GraphicConverter or Elements. I would pay up to £150 I suppose if pushed but no way I'm paying £350 for a glorified colour correction software.

Don’t get me wrong i think it looks like a beautifully considered piece of software and for a pro photographer it will be perfect. Almost think it goes too far.



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Don't compare the app to Photoshop, Elements or Graphic Converter, because it's not even the same type of app. It's not an image editor.

This app is fantastic for high-end digital photographers - and the price is far cheaper than what they currently are forced to deal with to do the same thing - which in some cases can be an annual salary for someone to do the same work that Aperature does automatically and MUCH faster.


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But, only for pro photographers. Amateurs like myself will not make much use of it. It is not a PS killer and I don't think it ever will be or strives to be.

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The tools photographers choose are different from one to the other. However, I feel all workflows share similar steps between digital photographers:
- RAW Processing (Adobe Camera RAW, Phase One, ...)
- Image Retouching (Adobe Photoshop, ...)

I preferred to use Photoshop CS2 for both steps, others selected to separate the above steps between different tools. While the best-of-breed method provides the best results, it also has a penalty of longer time spent on each image + higher software license cost.

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I do a lot of photography, both professionally and as a hobby. From what I can see without actually buying it, it looks like it'd be extremely useful as a tool, but those technical requirements are prohibitive for me. I use my 17" Powerbook to process all of my shots, which despite only being a couple months old, does not even come close to the listed recommended requirements. Of the photographers I know, a lot tend to use a laptop over a desktop because of the flexibility it provides.

I would be very interested in hearing how well it functions on something like a Powerbook.

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I've already ordered Aperture (less than £200 with education discount if you're eligible). It complements Photoshop, which is perfect. I waste an inordinate amount of time on admin, dealing with RAW images, image conversion, storage etc, and use a huge amount of storage dealing with alternate versions and formats for different uses - RAW, TIFF & JPEG. On top of that there are my alternate enhancements to images, which apparently Aperture deals with without wasting hard disc space - ideal! At Live 8 I shot 4000 images in 11 hours! This is a Bridge Slayer and more! I also believe it will sell more 30 inch monitors for Apple.

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It's a fascinating product that straddles a number of markets - cataloguing and asset management like iView or Portfolio, browsing and metadata entry like Bridge or PhotoMechanic, raw conversion and colour tweaking like Adobe Camera Raw and Phase One, and light image editing such as Photoshop - dust spotting is the bane of digital photography.

It might not kill any one product, but its integrated approach might mean it's cost effective for some users. And many will see it as merely a jack of all trades when serious photographers need something like Photoshop that has the extra features that will get you through those times when you need to go a bit further. For instance, Aperture appears not to support Alpha channels so would I be able to blend bracketed shots of scenes where the contrast was higher than my sensor's recording latitude?

Maybe it covers this, but I can't help but feel that its key weakness is it only appears to run on the Mac - all the above digital photography workflow tools are cross platform and something like 2/3 of Photoshop users are now on the PC. But I'm looking forward to seeing it at MacExpo in London this week.

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Well, Apple havnt seen a problem with this in the past for their other pro suite app's.

We know that the creatives in the world mainly use macs if they have the choice, so why bother releasing a win version?

- im at MacExpo on Thurs... Im a tall big ginger dude.... if you see me, shout Jammo!!

Online Portfolio - in progress


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Saw it and it's as interesting as I first thought. OK, it was supposed to be pre release software but it ran like a dog even on a twin G5 and the app needed restarting 2-3 times while I was there. They seemed to be pushing the app's non-destructive of your raw files yet didn't understand the same is true of Photoshop. What's more it's like a big iPhoto in that raw files are sucked into its database and it's ciao! So you're reliant on your database backups and can't take advantage of DNG's archival promise - "it's an Adobe thing". oh yeah? Its metadata ability is pretty thin - no custom fields in the database and no XMP at all, let alone extensible XMP. So you need new Mac hardware, you still need Photoshop, your whole backup strategy is in Apple's hands. Hm, but if anyone's dumb enough to buy a version 1.0....

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