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Adaptive Wide Angle for Stills and Video in Photoshop CS6

Use this powerful new feature to adjust not only single still images, but to easily straighten and correct existing stitched panoramas as well.

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want to see more detailed backgrounds but I think it's OK for nature landscapes

yes I'm brazilian xD

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Agree. It's interesting and could be useful. But as with all 5-second demonstrations, one would have to play with it on a personal image to see the true benefits/drawbacks. In this test I can see that the right side of the building now has an unnatural warp to it (and could have been blurred as well - hard to tell on video). It's fairly subtle - easier to see by looking at the pathway in the grass on the right, which now has a soft S curve shape. So if we had a photo with detail throughout (as opposed to just running along the horizon line) - there would probably be some negative (unwanted) warping as well in the foreground along the "leveled" sides. Possibly in the background too - obviously we wouldn't see it in the sky in this example.

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