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The Free Creative Suite 2 Conundrum

It's hard to know at this point whether Adobe has just pulled off a brilliant viral marketing move or has simply screwed up. I'm speaking here of the current abillity to freely download the entire Creative Suite 2 from Adobe's site, which almost collapsed from the load once this became known. Admittedly, using software released in 2005 isn't everyone's idea of a good time and in fact you might have trouble running it at all, given the hardware and operating systems for which it was created. But still. At this point there is no official statement from Adobe, beyond moderator posts in their forums. What do you think — was this an accident?

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Thanks for the tip, Vootie.

The rest of you guys - you have to read the forum blog posts. Adobe was really only trying to save a buck by shutting down their CS2 server - the d/l's were only meant for people who actually OWN CS2 already. But now that the word is out - everybody on the planet earth has a free copy and a working serial number.

Adobe... you gotta love 'em!

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and CS2 will do NEARLY anything a working pro could want. most everything since then has been either a bell or a whistle. question is: how many people have machines that will still run this old dawg?

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Why would anyone bother with this? When there are countless ways posted on YouTube for people to get the current version.

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Because downloading CS6 without paying for it would be illegal and unethical, perhaps?

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