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Sneak Preview of New Photoshop CS6 Functionality

You might want to have the sound turned down a notch before playing this brief video, which provides a tantalizing look at upcoming Photoshop CS6 functionality. It's expected that the features flying by in the clip will form an integral part of the Adobe Create Now Live event scheduled for December 11. The bad news for many Photoshop users is that the new features are expected to be available only for Creative Cloud subscribers.

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What is the big ticket item here? My curiosity is only piqued as to whether Adobe is actually going to put themselves over this barrel. They can't possibly put something fantastic in the Cloud software with it's tiny membership and not put it in their regular CS package software without creating the geek uproar of the century. I'm guessing that's why this video doesn't really show you anything - because if they slowed it down everyone would see there's nothing there except maybe some very minor tweaking of the already available features or maybe a couple virtually useless items nobody will really care about.

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Well, I'm kinda looking forward to learning more about these "couple virtually useless items nobody will really care about."

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