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Design not for the faint of heart

During a project for the American Institute Of Graphic Artists the creative team, John Neerland and Nina Orezzoli, discovered that many graphic design terms have an inherent dark side to them. They then quickly decided that this could become a fun ad, poster and interactive tool online to test the knowledge of students and young designers across the world. Oh yeah, you can buy some cool t-shirts, too.

I didn't know one term: tombstone. Which one was new for you?

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i couldn't finish it, can't find what is hiding under nr23 :)

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all but #14

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Where the hell is 23!
14 is greek

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That was great. I didn't know tombstone or knot.

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23 is knot

for the resourceful:
&#104 ;t&#1 16;& #112;:/ /w ww.c&#111 ;lle&# 109;cvo&# 121;.co&#10 9;/fi&#11 0;dthe25&#1 00;esig& #110;terms/po&#115 ;ter.htm& #108;

i wouldn't wanna give it all away :P

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Sounds like I missed the knot.

I'd forgotten the difference between an alley and the gutter. I tend to refer to them all as a gutter. Knot anymore! MU HA HA HAAA!

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Gottem all! :D That was fun. . . I don't think I'll buy the poster, though.

Knot and slug were new for me!

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Yup, missed the knot as well. I like the reverse side of the poster. Too bad you can only hang up one side at a time :/

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The first one was a learning experience.. and the second one I missed about five, then I reviewed what others have missed and I got it at the third try... So yes my english design jargon expended.... It was very educating....

We´ll always have Paris! Humphrey Bogart

We´ll always have Paris! Humphrey Bogart

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Got my poster this week! good quality!

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I had the chance but our mail sistem is not the best so I didnt order it, I wish I could have one...
Later, Caya

We´ll always have Paris! Humphrey Bogart

We´ll always have Paris! Humphrey Bogart

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I'm embarrassed to admit that I have never heard of those three terms. Oops!

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