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Tired of horrible EPS previews in Quark

If you still haven't experienced the joys of Adobe InDesign, and you frequently find yourself swearing at Quark XPress for providing you with a perfectly useless preview image of your placed Photoshop EPS file (duotone files require the use of EPS), then this is for you!

When saving your your image in Photoshop as an EPS, give the file a name and hit OK. In the dialog box that comes up, click the first drop-down menu and select Macintosh (JPEG).

That's it. Now, when you place your EPS file in Quark, it should look crystal clear, just like it does in Photoshop, rather than the pixelated mess you normally get with default 8bit preview. You could of course use a TIF preview, but the JPEG preview will be much smaller in size, so your screen redraw rate will be faster.

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Would this affect the color separation in any way?
Thank you!

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Quark 6.1 comes with an Xtension now to allow for high resolution preview. It is posted on their website: To use it, you need to select the image you want to view as high res. by going to "Item" Menu and select "High Resolution Preview" about 2/3 of the way down the menu listing. This will only work in Quark 6.1. And it will work with all import format, even with Illustrator EPS import, not just Photoshop.

Answer to the comment above: No, it will not affect separation in any way. This is only for preview.

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As already stated, it doesn't affect color profiles or seps. This is simply a WYSIWYG thing.

And yes, there is a "Full Resolution Preview" xTension for Quark. The problem I have with it is that you have to tell it to give you the full resolution preview with each photo (which can take a lot of time in a large document with many pics. It also creates a physical preview file on your hard drive which I don't care for at all.

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This also works for Freehand.

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Another advantage over windows...

PC's don´t support this kind of preview...

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