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Apple’s Prosumer Mac


Today Apple introduced a 24" “Prosumer” iMac, which fills the price gap between the 20" iMac and the Mac Pro. Here's a brief run-down of its features.

  • 24" Display at 1920x1200. This display is 1 inch bigger (diagonally) than the 23" Cinema Display, although it runs at the same resolution. Apparently 24-inch displays are cheaper and more widely produced — important as there is going to be a lot of demand for this Mac. Even so, it's very bright (400 cd/m2 and has a 6 ms response time.
  • New Processor. It's based on the new Merom chip, aka Core 2 Duo. It's a 64-bit chip and comes with 4 MB L2 cache. You can order it with a 2.16 GHz or 2.33 GHz ($250 extra) chip.
  • It now supports 3 GB of RAM. The new iMac uses 667MHz DDR2-SDRAM (PC2-5300) and has two slots (configurations: 2x512MB, 2x1GB, 1x1GB+1x2GB)
  • New graphics card — NVIDIA 7300 GT graphics processor with 128MB of GDDR3 SDRAM dedicated graphics memory (7600 GT - 256 MB available CTO). This is a great graphics chip, much faster than the X1600 in earlier systems.
  • FireWire 800 — extra throughput for external hard disks. This should accomodate most non-RAID HD's just fine, seeing as most single disks come in well under ~80 MBps.
  • DVI port — like earlier Intel iMacs, the new one supports external DVI displays up to 1920x1200.
  • Audio features — Internal 24-watt digital amplifier, optical input/output (S/PDIF combo).
  • The 24" iMac starts at $2000, so it's a very powerful system at a great price for smaller design studios.

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The iMacs come with RAM in both RAM slots. You can upgrade this to a 1GB chip and a 2GB chip on the higher models (probably only one of the slots has enough room for the 2GB chip).

There are only two RAM slots total, not 1GB built in with 2 additional slots like you indicated.

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Thanks, corrected. There was supposed to be an image also, I-ll put it back when I get home (right now I-m on a Pentium 133 at school :P)

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they still exist?

My school has one old mac with os 7 or so and it's much faster than the new hp's we've got for the it lessonas! :O

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I guess it's the perfect time to get my shiny new 20 model, and since it now comes with 1 gb of ram(I think the core duo models where shipped only with 512...) it's already enough for me until i get more money to buy aditional ram...

september 12th, true video ipods!!!!! :D

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As "fitzage" stated above, the iMac only comes with 2 slots. No matter how you order it, BOTH slots are filled. The standard 1gb RAM configuration uses two 512 mb RAM sticks. So if you want to upgrade later, you have to throw away at least one of those RAM sticks... a terrible waste. Save up now and buy it loaded or at least with 2gb and save yourself the 512mb stick.

Besides, 1gb of RAM isn't going to be enough to run Leapard acceptably - trust me on that!

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like buying the iMac with 1 gb of ram(2 x 512) thwen i'll have money i'll buy a 2 gb module, so i'l have to put out 1x512, that will be 2.5gb of ram, and then i'll get more money, i'll buy another 1 gb stick, so i'll get some bloody 3 gb of ram!(this is a lot, cause my current setup has only 512 mb :S). And i'll sell those 2 dimms off 512mb to someone... and get a tablet!

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I think I'm going for this machine. I've enjoyed my 20" iMac G5, but it is getting slow for my needs nowadays. The problem is what do I do with my old iMac?

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I say keep it. You will hardly get anything for it, because PPC system prices took a dip recently. Older Macs are useful for a lot of things, like making a personal file server, using it as a node, or you could give it to your daughter when she gets old enough.

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Lots of school kids (younger ones) that need a computer, or older folks who just need to be able to surf and email and don't need top-of-the-line stuff.

I've found that garage sales get you more money than selling them on eBay.

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craigslist is MUCH better than ebay nowadays. as for the new imac introduced, quite the spiffy machine but dont be fooled by the 3gb RAM total yet. apple charges $750 to upgrade to 3gb...not worth it in my opinion, but still quite the upgrade.


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Crucial charges over $1,500 for the 2gb chip alone. Apple charges $750 for the 2gb AND 1gb chip combined.

And I agree that Craigslist is better than ebay, but I don't think it's available in Portugal, Hungary and some of the other places many of the people in here live.

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i had my eyes on the older 20" intel core duo model.
with 2GB of RAM and a 256VRAM Upgrade. it was just a little over $2000.
but a $2000 PC with selected components is a turbine. every single PC component i chose for that money was faster that the one in the mac.
[see, im not really into a certain OS but into power with a fair price]

with this new line I can get a faster mac with the same config
for $1750. so thats $250 in rebate. thats suddenly getting hard to beat.
for lets say 3 PC components, each one has to be $80 cheaper than before.
and that kinda takes out the leading PC edge.

a 2GB DIMM is not worth it yet. so the 2+1 = 3GB RAM is definetly too expensive. the difference between 2 and 3GB RAM is $525.
for this money you could upgrade to 500GB Harddrive, upgrade the proc to
2.33GB and you still have $125 left for, lets say an mp3 player. all i can say is...

one thing that really bothers me is that you have no option for the nvidia video card with the 20" model. the 7600GT card has great BANG! for small bucks.
i like to play a hand of good games. im not a powergamer, but im looking for 3D quality. and the x1600 is heading straight for the bottom of the list.
surely, it does not belong in a 2Ghz intel core 2 duo system.
i honestly do not understand why it comes in a standard 128RAM option.

its very good that they reviewed the config and the price.
but its like im forced to buy a 4" inch larger display (which i dont need) for almost $500 , only to have a slightly better videocard. (while for an extra $500 you could have the best 3D accelerator on the market)
thats a low blow. damn u Steve!

apple should offer a bit more flexiblity.
with them its always like this is the low end, this is the consumer rig and this is the professional. oh, you want a consumer rig with something extra?
add $500.

nevertheless, if you can ignore the underpowered x1600,
an IMAC 2.16Ghz intel core 2 duo, with 2GB RAM, 250GB harddrive and a 20"LCD
for 1750$, including great looks, OS and remote, is a great system to switch.

are you with me?

always outnumbered, never outgunned

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Yeah, I agree on some points, but what about those of use who need the bigger screen? If you consider that a 24" display costs about $800, you're getting a 2.16 GHz Core Duo system for $1200.

Let's see what Dell gives for $1000...

A desktop computer with a 1.86 GHz Core2 Duo, 2 GB RAM, 160 GB HD, 128 MB nVidia card, CD-ROM (??) drive.

Yeah I know, the iMac doesn't have 2 GB, but it beats the PC on everything else. Yeah, Apple should offer more flexibility, but all of their current Macs are great deals (except for the 2GHz and 3GHz Mac Pro).

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I am actually considering delving into mac land and was considering this machine. Does anyone here think there would be a noticeable diffeence from the 2.16 to the 2.33 processor speed?

I will not pretend to have an in depth knowledge of hardware, but for the money, the difference seems like it would be negligible if I had to speculate on it.

Anyone have any insights here?

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