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Green support icons for Twitter #iranelection campaign

Twitter is one of the most important channels for informing the world about what is happening in Iran. The #iranelection tag has been the trending topic for over 3 days now with hundreds of messages every minute. Twitter even delayed their critical maintenance update on request from the US government just to let people tweet without interruption.

Twitterers are changing their Twitter icons to green to support the cause. If you need an icon, you can take one here.

Click the Picasso dove above to spread the news about this collection on Twitter.

You can find the Twitter logo and Twitter bird here to create your own icon.

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That a people, against all odds are finding ways to mobilize in humongous numbers despite the current regime's attempts to bring down mobile networks and block internet use to social bookmarking sites like Facebook and Twitter.

We Brits do things differently, but we still get shot at!

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Print out the support images.

Hold them up at your protest.

Email photo of your protest to Iranian protesters. They can print your photo and use them for a boost, or as protest signs.

Imagine protests from DC, South Africa, China, Japan, and France all holding up support images. Imagine Iranians holding photos of these...

Don't use text they can't read -- the image must be obvious. Put local landmark in the picture, so they know where it is from.

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