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Creating favicons

The favicon is a the small icon that appears next to the URL of the websites in your browser. They also appear in the bookmarks. Also, many people disable them to speed up their browser.

You need to put this icon into the root of your site to make it appear accross all of your pages. For more details you may want to read this.

The simplest way to create a favicon for your site is to get it done automatically here by uploading an image as a source for your icon. However your icon in most cases won't look great, because the image will simply be resized and important information could be lost during this operation.

It's better to design your icon yourself online here or by downloading Iconographer. If you choose to use Iconographer you will be able to copy art from your favourite applications or the free Pixen, which is probably the best way to go. I recommend to download a favicon as your template and change that, rather than creating a new icon, because that way you can make sure you're using the correct sizes and format.

For example you can download the CreativeBits favicon, open it in Iconographer, change the icon to your design and resave. After that you just need to upload it to your root directory and you're done.

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Great piece. One vote for Pixen here.

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The simplest way is to convert your 16Ă—16 PNG image to ICO with png2ico.

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Or you can design your favicon in Photoshop and use the donationware Photoshop plugin from Telegraphics to save it.

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Thanks a lot! Wish somebody would compile the png2ico for Mac OSX.

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1 pencil

I have compiled pgn2ico and will make it available on


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It's a command line app, right?

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I've found creating a .gif file then changing the file extension manually to .ico also works.

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Favicons are a great tool for slowing browsers down to a crawl, filling up the users browser cache and generally being a huge eyesore on the internet... other than that, they're ok. ;-p

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