Drupal 4.7 is out

After more than a year of development we are ready to release Drupal 4.7.0 to the world. More than five years, 13 major releases, 30+ servicing firms employing 100+ Drupal professionals, 300+ third party modules, and over 55,000+ Drupal powered sites later, Drupal 4.7.0 is finally here and it rocks!

As you probably know creativebits.org is running on Drupal too. It’s version 4.6 and we are planning to upgrade as soon as the image.module has a 4.7 version as it is essential for the critique section.

The new Drupal CMS features many great new features including:

  • Easier installation
  • AJAX goodness
  • Easier module installation
  • Multiple block regions
  • Free tagging- this is huge!!!

…and much much more!

You can digg Drupal 4.7.