Error messages from both Photoshop & Illustrator. Help!

Hello Designers!

I have attached four different screenshots from these error messages that I am continually receiving from Illustrator & Photoshop. I have versions CS on both.

What is happening is, when I am in Illustrator, for some reason (and I posted this problem before), I am unable to save anything in an ai format. It’s really starting to frustrate me. Luckily, I can still save as an eps, but no longer as an ai. When I attempt to save as an ai format, I get the same error message—”an unknown error has occurred,” and the second one says “can’t save as a preview….”

Now, the Photoshop error message seems to come up whenever I am using Illustrator concurrently with Photoshop. It’s really weird. I JUST deleted & reinstalled both Photoshop & Illustrator yesterday from my bundled CS software (those were the only two programs I deleted & reinstalled since they were the only two giving me problems). Plus, the one error message “The operation cannot complete because of an unknown error (PARM)” comes up all the time, even when I’m saving as an eps—but surprisingly, it saves it just fine. Does anybody know what the heck PARM stands for???

Why is all of this suddently happening??? Does anybody know why? I have been using the same computer with the same programs for more than 3 years now, with no problems, until recently. I thought by reinstalling the two applications, that it would fix it. Nope. Same exact thing. I also have the same programs installed on my iBook (but rarely use) and I never have problems with it.

I hope this isn’t too vague. Thanks for your help.