Microsoft asks for your help to remove IE6 from the Internet

Once the most popular browser anywhere Internet Explorer 6 refuses to die holding back the entire Internet. Firefox, Chrome and independent groups including creativebits have been fighting IE6 for years with little success. IE6 is still very strong in some countries and has a 12% market share globally. That means serious businesses can’t stop supporting IE6 just yet.

Getting rid of IE6 will mean we can start using web technologies that are only supported by modern browsers and not need to worry about backward compatibility. It would save a lot of time and nerves to developers. It would consequently save money to clients. And most importantly will help internet users enjoy a better web overall.

Microsoft now wants to help too. They launched a new site called IE6 Countdown that monitors the drop of IE6 usage. The goal: go below 1%, so everyone can just disregard IE6 for good. I think many designers will open a bottle of champagne that day.

You can help the cause too. Put the code MS provides that will suggest visitors to upgrade. And you can also share this post to let your friends know about this initiative.