Should you buy the new MBP with Retina display?


Apple just announced the MacBook Pro with a retina display. The 15″ model features the retina display at a stunning 2880 by 1800 pixels, which is sharper than a printed page. It also comes with SSD and many other speed improvement making it extremely fast.

It’s by no doubt an amazing machine. But at $2,200 starting price the question arises whether it’s worth buying it. In my opinion if you have the cash, work on your computer all day and you’re ok with a 15″ screen size you definitely should buy it.

Look at it this way. Your computer is your primary tool for your work. If you’re willing to spend many thousands of dollars on a car that you use an hour or so a day, you should certainly shell out 2K for a tool that you use at least 8 hours or more daily.

A better computer will make you more efficient and will allow you to finish the same mechanical tasks faster thus allowing you to spend more time thinking about work of relaxing away from the screen. Investing in a better tool for your craft is always a good investment.

If you get one extra middle-size job in the next year just because you delivered a job a bit better or faster than you would’ve with your old equipment you already made all the cost back.

What do you think?