The Best I-Pad Design Applications

The best iPad applications for designers can be just as useful as performing work on a laptop, enabling creatives to work effectively on their mobile devices. These applications can make a huge difference to your creative life, but which ones do you need to know about? We’ve put together this list so you can turn your iPad into a formidable, capable partner in your work.

Applications Worth Downloading
Affinity Designer is one of the most ambitious creative applications for the iPad. Taking all of the power and precision that the desktop version is known for and migrating it to the iPad, Affinity Designer has been specially upgraded to fit the device you are working on. Affinity Designer is perfect for any part of the workflow and has over 100 brushes for each user to utilize. Recent updates have pushed performance further still, Affinity Photo is also worth checking out, and an iPad version of Affinity Publisher is expected to be released.

Packed with image editing and enhancement tools, Pixelmator contains everything you need for adjusting your designs on the go. Thanks to Drag and Drop support, users can move images and graphics between iPad and other applications easily. You can also store images in the iCloud Drive and access them anywhere. By taking advantage of the iOS 12 technologies, Pixelmator offers the best Photoshop file support, precision drawing, and painting with the Apple Pencil.

Whether you’re coordinating a big design project or just trying to organize a cleaning rota, Trello is a great tool for getting stuff done and staying organized. It makes it easy to invite people to collaborate on projects, and you can even create custom boards for whatever you’re working on. The iPad application is optimized for iPad Pro with plenty of tweaks to take advantage of its larger screen. If you absolutely need project updates wherever you are, there are also applications for Apple Watch.

Procreate is a wonderful natural media application, and it’s very fast, especially on more recent iPads where it can take advantage of its huge power sources. It’s optimized for the iPad Pro, with massive, ultra-hi-definition canvases, and will work with the Apple Pencil as well. Procreate had a big update last year to include the much-anticipated Text tool.

If what you want is the digital equivalent of a sketchbook, rather than a canvas, and somewhere to write stuff down, doodle out a few ideas, or take notes in a meeting, you need to look into Noteshelf. Its ability to mix typed, audio, and handwritten notes, featuring beautiful ink effects, annotate documents or images, and even define custom paper designs to make it easy to create iPhone wireframes for sketching application designs, makes this an extremely handy iPad application for designers. It pairs with a range of third-party styluses too, for pressure sensitivity and wrist rejection.

With OmniPlan, you can create Gantt charts to allocate time and resources to specific parts of a project, and because each part is related to each other, you can keep focused on what the material effects will be of the wireframing process. Everything is live and shared, and it will help you resolve scheduling impossibilities. Basically, if you wanna hit deadlines for big projects, get this application on your Ipad.